Qimmah Russo – Biography, Parents, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Fitness instructors are a major part of the world as it is now. A lot of people require help to be able to stay fit both physically and mentally, and fitness instructors are the kind of professionals that facilitates the desire. In a world where popular female fitness instructors like Michelle Lewin and Patricia Alamo exist, there are other young fitness instructors making waves and Qimmah Russo is one of them. She started out at a very early age and has been able to impact hundreds of lives with her online videos and her very own fitness company. Keep reading to learn more about this American fitness instructor and model.

Qimmah Russo Biography (Age)

Qimmah Russo was born in the year 1993. She celebrates her birthday each year on the 16th day of December. She was born in New York as the second child of African American parents; this makes her an African American by birth.

Early parts of her history are not known, as she hasn’t divulged much information on the subject. Qimmah Russo had settled her mind around this time to get into the field of medicine, with plans to become an obstetrician-gynecologist. But then, she was actively involved in sports, thanks to her family’s love of fitness and sporting activities. In the end, she changed direction from her OB-GYN goal and joined her college varsity basketball team. Qimmah Russo would go on to study for her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Kinesiology. She earned this degree from the College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, California.

With her course of study and her love of sports, one would think that Qimmah Russo would go with either of them for a career path. As such, it wasn’t a surprise when the fitness trainer decided to pick up weightlifting instead.

Qimmah Russo desired something more competitive, and so decided to go into weight lifting. From that point on, she found her calling in fitness training and dedicated herself to keeping fit and showing others how to do it. Qimmah gained internet popularity in 2010 thanks to her Vine videos showing her exercising with her own regimens. Her popularity followed her into Instagram, with the trainer garnering over 1 million followers on the picture sharing platform. This popularity led her to create her own fitness company called Q-Flex Fitness. The outlet is geared towards sharing different methods of keeping fit and healthy with followers and gives them tips on improving their mental well-being.

Since then, Qimmah Russo has not looked back. She has continued to be a household name in the world of fitness and has continued to maintain a physique that is toned and as healthy as ever. Her goal is to get more people to take up healthy living and, there is no better way to reach this goal than being a fitness trainer. Thanks to her feats, Qimmah has received several sponsorship deals with several fitness companies and has even modeled for brands.

Her Net Worth

Qimmah Russo’s years as a fitness trainer is sure to bring her a nice amount of wealth. Her net worth is estimated at $200,000. Payscale, an online salary comparison tool, puts the average salary of a fitness instructor at $19.79 per hour, with annual pay of $36,426. This means that Qimmah Russo gets a fine approximate annual salary of $40k. Qimmah Russo is also the owner of a BMW 435i estimated at $43,195.

Qimmah Russo’s Parents and Boyfriend

Qimmah Russo was born in a family of sports people. Her parents, Kenneth Russo and Rayietta Russo, were athletes in their days. Kenneth was a baseball player, and her mother was a hockey player. From the very start, Qimmah was already involved with the world of sports and fitness thanks to her parents. To top it all up, her brother, Tamir Russo was also a football player. You could say that sports run in the blood of the Russo family. It’s no wonder Qimmah chose the career path she’s currently on.

Not only is Qimmah Russo’s physique very fit, but she’s also a beautiful lady. It comes as no surprise then that her fans wonder if she’s in a relationship with anyone. However, any rumors going around are just that – rumors. No official confirmation has come from Qimmah herself that she is dating anyone. She is currently living a single, low-key life.