Omri Katz Biography, Net Worth, Career Achievements, Is He Gay?

Hollywood has seen several acting talents and while some has journeyed through the path and ended up in superstardom, others have dropped off along the line, retiring from the glitz and glamour of the screens to chase other dreams – just like Omri Katz who left acting to pursue his passion for hairdressing.

As an actor, he was quite efficient on the screens and made several appearances in both television series as well as lengthy movies. Films like Dallas, Zorro, and Adventures in Dinosaur City were some of his renowned works. He is not a regular face you get to see in this generation of movie stars but Omri Katz left a remarkable memory in the heart of many movie lovers. Here is a lowdown about the actor who is currently off the screens and chasing a career in hairdressing.

Omri Katz’ Biography

Omri Katz was born on May 30th, 1976 in Los Angeles, California. He is the last of three children born to his parents Rina and Yoram Katz who are Isreali Jewish immigrants. He has an elder brother, Micheal and a sister, Lali. Moreso, Omri Katz, and his two siblings all had their formative years in Israel. Much the same as Omri, his siblings are likewise successful in their various fields of undertaking although there isn’t much information about their personal lives that is accessible to the public.

The actor has revealed that he acquired his certifications from one of the prestigious institutions in the world – even though he fell shy of actually revealing the name of the institution in question.


Omri Katz’s quest for acting developed when he was much younger. Just at the tender age of seven, he had begun to appear in soap operas as well as playing child roles in lengthy movies.

Apart from the minor roles the actor bagged while he was much younger, Omri Katz showed up in 1983 when he was thrown in the CBS TV drama, Dallas. From 1983 to 1991, he depicted the character of John Ross Ewing III, the child of the principal character J.R. Ewing and his on-screen wife on the show, Sue Ellen Ewing. Omri Katz additionally showed up in the show’s spin-off, Dallas: J.R. Returns in 1996. He also appeared in the American detective series, Simon and Simon which featured Jameson Parker and Gerald McRaney in 1984.

He likewise starred as a guest in the series, Zorro as well as in the movie titled Adventures in Dinosaur City in the year 1991.

The big breakthrough in his career came when he featured in the horror comedy film titled Hocus Pocus and it was still during this period he also played the character Stan in the comedy film Matinee. His other acting credit includes Freaks and Geeks (1999), and General Hospital (2000). The 2002 film, Journey Into Night was his last screen appearance before he decided to go into retirement.

Following his retirement, Omri Katz decided to pursue another passion which he has and presently works as a hairdresser in a salon situated at Los Angeles in California.


Omri Katz career as an actor was not an uneventful one because just like every other outstanding actor, he also won awards for his acting. In 1984, he was awarded a soap opera digest award for being an outstanding youth actor.

Net Worth

Omri Katz no doubt has earned a blessed measure of financial rewards from his acting. The retired actor is someone who loves to keep his personal life away from the media and has not leaked any information about his salary or net worth. But from information gathered from a few sources, it is said that Omri’s current net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

Is Omri Katz Gay?

Concerning his love life, Katz was once in a relationship with actress Danielle Harris. The pair had a concise relationship which was short-lived and came to an end in 1992. Insights as to why their relationship came to an end are still unknown but ever since they went their separate ways, there has not been any update about him been in any other relationship maybe he chose to ward off such details from according to the media.

After Katz’s last relationship which ended so briefly and the fact that there has been no news about him being in any other relationship, fans are beginning to wonder if the actor is gay. However, the fact is that though the actor is very much single and presently not in any known relationship, he is not gay.