Nse Ufot Wikipedia, Bio, Husband And 10 Facts On New Georgia Project

Nse Ufot works for the New Georgia Project as the Executive Director. Her goal is to make the state’s democracy strong. Nse’s biggest achievement was registering and engaging unregistered voters. Nse was a lawyer before she turned into one of the most successful voter engagement strategists.

Ufot went to the Georgia Institute of Technology where she graduated with a Bachelor in Science. Nse is highly educated and earned a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Dayton School of Law, Ohio, USA. She made voting fun for young people with the help of civic engagement through a blend of culture, art, and technology.

Quick Facts: Nse Ufot Wikipedia, Bio, Husband And 10 Facts On New Georgia Project

NameNse Ufot
ProfessionVoter Engagement Strategists
EducationUniversity of Dayton School of Law

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Nse Ufot

  1. Nse Ufot’s age and date of birth are not given. She might be in her mid-40s.
  2. Where is Nse Ufot from? She was born in Nigeria. Nse Ufot was raised in Southwest Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
  3. Nse’s ethnicity is African-American. She is a naturalized citizen of the USA. Her nationality is American.
  4.  Is she married? The voter engagement strategist has not disclosed her relationship status. Nse Ufot has not revealed if she is married or has a husband.
  5. Nse Ufot does not have a Wikipedia page dedicated to her as of now. She has few Wiki-bio pages dedicated to her and her work.
  6. Ufot has a Twitter account where she has 19.4k followers. She joined Twitter in May 2010.
  7. She is the Executive Director of the New Georgia Project, where Nse Ufot has engaged more than 1 million unregistered Asian Americans, African Americans, and Latios to register to vote.
  8. Ufot has spent her entire life working for many civil rights, human rights, and worker’s rights and addressed the issues people are facing.
  9. She is highly educated and is fluent in French as well as English.
  10. As a Nigerian immigrant herself, she believes in fighting for immigrants and their rights as well as making the American Dream come true for many people.