Nancy Carell – Bio, Height, Age, Kids, Facts About Steve Carell Wife

The Carells are a well-known couple in the American entertainment industry. Those who are familiar with Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show, and The Office would have definitely noticed Nancy Carell on screen. Aside from acting, Nancy is a comedian and a writer who is the wife of Steve Carell, a renowned American actor, comedian, and TV personality. Let’s take you further into Nancy’s world, here’s a peek at her biography, how many kids she has, her height and other facts.

Nancy Carell – Bio And Age

Nancy Ellen Carell, née Walls, was born on July 19, 1966, in Cohasset, Massachusetts in the United States to Robert and Carol Walls. She grew up in Cohasset and schooled at Cohasset High School before she proceeded to Boston College. While there, she played an integral role in the school’s improvisational drama troupe known as My Mother’s Fleabag before her graduation from the college in the year 1988.

Nancy Carell’s role with her college’s improvisational drama troupe showed how in love she was with acting. The role was also pivotal to her decision to carve a niche for herself in the world of showbiz. Not long after her graduation, her career took off as a comedian at The Second City in Chicago. Her impressive artistry in the troupe earned her a place on Saturday Night Live‘s cast in the middle of the 1990s (1995 – 1996).  Her near-perfect depiction of the character Bobbie Battista, a CNN news anchor on SNL, left lasting impressions on many and inadvertently thrust her into the spotlight.

Her fame grew more after she served as the correspondent in The Daily Show where she held sway form 1999 up until 2002 appearing in over ninety episodes on the show. Besides these, Nancy Carell has also had some voiceover roles some of which include her depiction of Helen Goode on The Goode Family, an animated series created by Mike Judge. Moreso, she made a guest appearance in seven episodes of the American TV Sitcom The Office as Carol Stills, her husband’s character’s love interest. Steve portrayed Michael Scott in the sitcom.

While she was doing well on television series and comedy shows, she landed roles in films as well. In 2003, she portrayed the character of Patty, a flight attendant, in the comedy film Anger Management. Her other films include Bridesmaids (2011), and Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (2012).

Aside from being a great comic actress, she whetted her writing skill in Angie Tribeca, a TBS comedy series, she co-created with her husband, Steve Carell. She also stars in the show as Katy Perry, alongside famous Parks and Recreation Star, Rashida Leah Jones.

How Many Kids Does She Have?

Nancy and Steve Carell’s relationship started after a chance meeting at an improvisation class at The Second City, Steve served as a tutor in the class while Nancy was a student. Although Steve did not make any advances at her at the time, he knew had fallen in love with her. Eventually, as the days rolled into months, he finally confessed his feelings to her, and as the saying goes, the rest became history. After many years together, they formalized their union as man and wife, on August 5, 1995.

The two have been married for over two decades and counting, and they have two amazing kids together. Their daughter, Elisabeth Anne, was born on May 25, 2001, and their son, John, was born sometime in June 2004. The kids have gradually joined the footsteps of their parents as they have inherited their comic gene.

Steve Carell is a native of Concord, Massachusetts, in the US, who was born on the 16th of August, 1962. He is a renowned award-winning multi-talented comedian, actor, producer, writer, and director. Some of his notable works are The Office, Little Miss Sunshine, Foxcatcher, the Despicable Me film series, The Big Short among many others.

Nancy Carell’s Height

Nancy Carell has a unique greenish colored eye which contrasts nicely with her blond hair. She stands at a height of 5 feet 8 (1.73 m) with a balancing weight of 70 kg (154). Details about her other body measurements are not available at the moment.

Other Facts About Steve Carell’s Wife

What Is Her Net Worth?

The talented actress may not have done as much work as her famous husband who has numerous television and film credits under his belt in the industry, but she sure earns a tangible sum from what she does. Her net worth has been pegged between $400,000 and $1 million, while her husband is worth a whopping $50 million.

Nancy Carell Aspires To Be More Prolific With Her Creative Writing

The mother of two desires to further explore her talent in creative writing and she is already doing an amazing job with her collaborative work on the Angie Tribeca series.

She Is In A Business Partnership With Her Husband

Nancy Carell and her husband jointly own The Marshfield Hills General Store in Marshfield Hills, Massachusetts, which they bought in 2009. The store is reportedly being managed by Nancy’s sister, Tish Vivado. They also own a house in Los Angeles and in Marshfield, where they move to when they need to maintain a measure of privacy.