Mutsuko Erskine

Mutsuko Erskine is a Japanese-American actress. She is the mother of writer and filmmaker, Maya Erskine.  

Quick Facts: Mutsuko Erskine

NameMutsuko Erskine
HusbandPeter Erskine
ChildrenMaya Erskine

Mutsuko starred in her daughter’s series “PEN15”. Similarly, she plays the role of mother aka Yuki Ishii-Peters on the show.

Furthermore, Erskine is the wife of famous drummer Peter Erskine. 

10 Facts on Mutsuko Erskine

  1. Mutsuko Erskine is Maya Erskine’s mother. She is one of the casts of the show “PEN15”. However, Mutsuko’s age and birth date are currently not available. 
  2. Although Mutsuko is famous for her acting skills, her Wiki page is still not written. But this following article sums up many important facts about the actress. 
  3. Talking about her family, Erskine is married to her husband Peter Erskine. Likewise, Peter is a popular jazz drummer. He is the former member of the Weather Report. 
  4. Mutsuko and Peter gave birth to Maya Erskine as their children. Furthermore, Maya grew up to be an actress and writer. In fact, she is the co-creator of the series “PEN15”.
  5. Mutsuko stands at a good height with a charming personality. She is a little bit shorter than her daughter, who is 1.6m tall. 
  6. Erskine was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. In addition, her ethnicity is Japanese. But she later moved to Michigan, American in order to pursue her acting career.
  7. The Net Worth for Mutsuko Erskine is being calculated right now. However, according to an article, she shares a fortune worth of $82 million dollars with her husband. 
  8. The actress is an active Instagram user with 866 followers. You can find her under the name @mutsyerskine. 
  9. According to her IMDb page, Mutsuko’s only major role in the TV series PEN15. Similarly, she portrays Yuki Ishii-Peters in the show.  
  10. In an interview, Mutsuko revealed that she can relate to the PEN15 character. Although she has already lost her mother, she could connect with the mother-daughter relation of the show.