Michelle Herman – Everything To Know About Tom Herman’s Wife

Michelle Herman who is known as the better half of the successful American football coach, Tom Herman is a rare gem. She has been commended on several occasions by her husband who currently serves as the head coach of Texas Longhorns football team based on the supportive roles she has played in his life, especially in getting him where he is today. Having stuck with her husband through the lengthy stormy days of his career, Tom Herman is obviously blessed to have such a beautiful soul as a soul mate. Here’s all you need to know the esteemed wife of the head coach of the University of Texas.

Michelle Herman’s Early Life

The admirable spouse of Tom Herman was born as Michelle N. Tatarakis in Fresno, California, the United States on the 29th of November 1974. She is the daughter of Emma and Mitchell Tatarakis. Although not much is known about her educational endeavors, it has been reported that Michelle is a master’s degree holder from Sam Houston State University.

Michelle’s Relationship with Tom Herman

Michelle and Tom Herman are graduates of California Lutheran University, where they met and kicked off their relationship. The pair had their first date during their freshman year in 1993 and it wasn’t a funny experience for Tom who ingested Michelle’s car air freshener on her absence, having mistakenly squirted it liberally in his mouth on the assumption that the bottle with cherries was a breath spray. He coughed manically following the ingestion of the air freshener as that day became quite a memorable one for the two.

After dating for almost a decade, the couple exchanged vows on the 19th of May, 2001 and they are blessed with three kids; two sons named Maverick and Maddock, and their only daughter, Priya.

About Her Husband

Michelle’s husband, Tom Herman is a former football player who played as a wide receiver at California Lutheran University for three years. He is currently serving as the head coach of Texas Longhorns football team. Prior to his current position, Tom was the University of Houston’s head coach and has navigated the lower ranks of college coaching, having served as a receivers coach at Texas Lutheran University and Sam Houston University.

He also worked as the offensive coordinator at the Texas State University and Rice University. He equally served as the quarterback coach at Iowa State University. Tom who has led the Texas Longhorns to their first bowl victory since 2012 began his career with an annual salary of about $5,000 and he is now earning an average salary that is estimated at $5.2 million per annum as a result of his exploits as a proficient college football coach.

She is the Rock of Her Family

During the early stages of Tom Herman’s career, things weren’t that smooth for the couple to the point that Michelle was sending money to her then-boyfriend so that he could pay for his rent, having landed a high paying job at a Los Angeles investment firm. Another instance was when she had to live in a Red Roof Inn for four weeks as Tom got hired by Rice Owls football team. Michelle Herman who was six months pregnant and with a 3-year-old child during such time endured with her husband and equally showed him huge support in the process.

She additionally served as Tom’s backbone when he took the job of Sam Houston State University coaching receivers at $10,000 per year. Michelle resigned from her high paying job and equally left her luxury apartment in Hermosa Beach to join her husband in Huntsville, Texas. During that time, she worked multiple jobs which included working at a daycare, financial institution, the College of Criminal Justice, a non-profit organisation as well as a waitress at a local college bar, Humphrey’s in order to aid her husband to attain financial stability. Tom Herman has credited his wife for his success so far as he has cited that none of it would have been possible without Michelle.

Tom Herman’s Cheating Allegation

In November 2018, Michelle Herman’s husband was alleged to have cheated on his wife during his stint at Ohio State University by his former colleague, Zach Smith who also worked as an assistant coach in the university before he was fired in July 2018. Zach who tweeted the allegations on the social media got a simple reply from Tom Herman that reads “Ok, Cool. Hook Em!” Michelle however, publicly showed off her uncanny sense of humor as a rare gem by imprinting her husband’s response to Zach Smith on a T-shirt she wore to the Texas-Iowa State game in November 2018 which further depicts her loyalty and support for her husband.