Matt Stonie – Bio, Net Worth, Girlfriend or Wife, Age And Height

One man who has carved out a niche for himself in competitive eating is no other than our subject of discourse today, Matt Stonie. Competitive eating is an activity that involves people consuming a large quantity of food within a specified short period of time. It is a competition that is yet to gain traction on the world scene, however, it has been in existence for many years. Other people who have made names for themselves on this career path include Joey Chestnut, Takeru Kobayashi, and Dominic Cardo, among many others.

As at the time of writing, Matt Stonie holds the number four spot on the Major League Eating rankings, that of the organization that organizes professional eating events. Read on to find out more about this avid food devourer, including his biography, net worth, and personal relationships.

Matt Stonie Biography (Age)

Matt Stonie was born Mathew Kai Stonie on 24th May 1992, in San Jose, California, USA. By virtue of birth, he is an American citizen, however, he is of Japanese, Czechoslovakian and Lithuanian ancestry. His father’s name is Dorian Stonie and his mother’s name is Cathy Stonie. He has a brother named Morgan Stonie who helps him operate his YouTube channel. In addition to being known professionally as Matt Stonie, his exploits in his career have earned him the nickname Megatoad.

In regard to his education, Stonie attends Mission College, in Santa Clara, California, where he studies nutrition. He is said to have plans of becoming a dietician. While growing up, the young man got involved in eating competitions out of the quest for free food. In 2010, on Hampton Beach, Hampshire, he entered a local lobster eating competition to get his fill but ended up smiling to the bank with $1000 cash. After that, he enrolled in other speed eating competitions and began to get serious at it.

Matt Stonie gained wide prominence in the sport in 2015 when he won Joey Chestnut, the 8-time defending champion in Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. He ate 62 hot dogs while Joey ate only eat 60. The following year, however, he was unable to retain the title as Chestnut returned to reclaim his throne.

Some of the records in which Stonie holds include Fastest Mac-Donald’s happy meal eaten: Small Cheeseburger, Small French Fries, Small Coca-Cola in 15.22 seconds. On his YouTube channel, he has released loads of food videos and has about 5 million subscribers already hooked on his activities.

Does He Have a Girlfriend or Wife?

Matt Stonie is a very conservative fellow. Since his rise to fame, a lot of his fans have been curious to know who this voracious eater is dating. Unfortunately, Stonie has not given any report nor hint as to who his girlfriend is. After much research and investigation, we can safely say, that Megatoad is committed to his career.

Net Worth

The San Jose born foodie is a celebrity that is climbing up the ladder to stardom very fast. Thanks to his exploits, he has been able to accumulate an estimated net worth of about $700 thousand. The fact that he has lots of subscribers and viewers tells us that this fast-rising star is a vital force in the Food Sports industry and as such we know he is bound to earn much more in the future.


Much is not known for now about Matt Stonie’s body statistics, such as his shoe, chest, biceps and arm measurements. However, in regards to his height, he stands at 5 feet 8 inches while he has a body mass of 59 kilograms, a huge feat considering his profession as a devourer.

Other notable features of him include dark-brown hair that complements his skin tone and dark-brown eyes.

Other Facts You May Not Know About Matt Stonie

Avid Eater With Little Taxation On Groceries

Matt consumes a lot and writes them off as work expenses. By doing so, he does not get to pay so much tax on his groceries, which will be excruciating. This is one of the perks that come with being a professional competitive eater.

He Has No Favourite Meal

Stonie has said many times that he does not have a favorite food. He eats and trains depending on what he is competing for.

He is Philanthropic

Matt often donates to charity. Being hunger-driven to discover his career, he gives back to the community to ease off the effects of hunger on others, especially kids.