Is Rahne Jones Trans, Skye From Politician Gender Explained

Rahne Jones has aroused the public’s interest to find out if she is a trans. And, this has probably got to do with the role she portrays in the new Netflix series, The Politician. She plays the non-binary character of Skye Leighton in the show.

This just goes to show how convincingly she acted in her role. So, you might find it hard to believe when I say this is the first time she has acted in a TV series. Now, there are many things that are yet to be explained about her character and the real her too. Hence, here are the 10 facts about her.

Quick Facts: Is Rahne Jones Trans, Skye From Politician Gender Explained

NameRahne Jones
BirthdayMay 4
Age33 years old
Net WorthN/A
Married/SingleIn a relationship
WifeBridget Kelly (soon to be wife)
EducationPaint Branch High School, Radford University & University of Maryland


10 Facts on Rahne Jones 

  1. Rahne Jones (born on 4 May 1987) is an American actress who is most famous for her role in the Netflix show, The Politician. Her age is 33 years old. And, her zodiac sign is Taurus.
  2. To explain the gender of her character as Skye Leighton in The Politician, she is a non-binary which does come under the transgender umbrella. So, she is a trans in the show.
  3. She has a Wiki bio and it has a few basic info about her personal life as well.
  4. She has not yet married but she is quite closer to get hitched real soon. In fact, she has even disclosed her wedding date which will take place on the 10th of October this year.
  5. Husband might not be the right word to best describe her lesbian partner. She is marrying her partner, Bridget Kelly. 
  6. Her estimated net worth as of 2020 has not been reviewed so far.
  7. She seems to have an average height. However, details about how tall she is have not got out.
  8. She is of American nationality. And, she is of black ethnicity.
  9. Graduated from Paint Branch High School,  she went to Radford University. However, she transferred to the University of Maryland later.
  10. There is little to no info on her parents.