Is Elise Jordan Engaged or Married? Her Age, Body Measurements, Husband

Political commentaries can tend to be boring when it is handled by someone who does not have a knack for it. However, when you see Elise Jordan run the same commentary, you will have a lot of reasons to look forward to watching her again.

This notwithstanding, Ever since her career started, she has faced a few controversies and has also been criticized by a few people. In spite o this, she hasn’t let her work challenge get to her but has forged ahead and is doing perfectly well in her career. Find out more about this power lady in addition to knowing her current relationship status.

Elise Jordan Biography (Her Age)

Born as Catherine Elise Jordan on the 22nd of June 1990, Elsie grew up within the suburbs of Holly Springs under the tutelage of her parents: Kelly Jordan and Susan Boone Jordan who are both Americans and are of white ethnicity. Elise has a brother named Rusell Jordan with whom she had what can best be described as a fun childhood. Sources say she was quite a jolly child who in a bid to catch fun was heady. She was fond of dancing and was a die-hard fan of the late pop singer, Michael Jackson. Sadly, Kelly Jordan; her father, passed on sometime in 2016 after suffering a heart attack.

Regarding her education, Elise Jordan was a student at Little Angels high school. She further attended the prestigious Yale University bagging a degree in journalism. Elsie’s interest in journalism had spurred up when she was a growing lad as she admired her uncle who worked as a journalist then. So, after graduating from Yale, she ventured into journalism and first worked as a writer for Condoleezza Rice, an American political scientist and diplomat who at that time was the 66th US Secretary of State. Later on, Jordan contributed to the success of various political magazines like The Daily Beast and the Time Magazine with her well written truth and fact revealing articles. Seeing how talented and hardworking Elise is, the United States National Security Council employed her in 2008 to be one of the directors of communication and also as the presidential speechwriter. She occupied these position for a year until 2009 when she called it quits.

Currently, Elise Jordan works as a political commentator for MSNBC. She has stood out in the American pay television network and has made many contributions in the scheme of things as it pertains to politics in the United States of America. Following Jordan’s critics of the president of America, Donald Trump; some regard her as anti-Trump while a few others say she is just doing her job.

Is Elise Jordan Engaged or Married and Who is Her Husband?

Elsie married one of her kind in the industry. Her husband, Michael Hastings was an American journalist, author, contributing editor to Rolling Stone and reporter for BuzzFeed. Michael was born and raised in Malon, New York as one of the three children born to Dr. Brent Hastings and his wife Dr. Molly Hastings. His other brothers are Jeff and Jon Hastings. Michael graduated from New York University after bagging a degree in Journalism. He was the voice behind most events on top news and was also the voice that fed the United States during the Iraqi Crisis.

Just like his wife, he excelled on various magazine platforms and was also noted to be one of the best in the various organizations he worked at. He stood before the high and mighties in the political world interviewing them and feeding the world with the right facts about events and the reasons behind them.

Elise and Michael met on set in 2007 and there, their love story began. They dated for four years before exchanging their vows in an elaborate ceremony in 2011. Just two years after, sadly, Michael Hastings died in a car crash that occurred in Hancock Park in the neighborhood of Los Angeles. It was quite devastating as his body was burnt beyond recognition.

Six years later, Elsie fell in love again and tied the knots with Mike Hogan. The two celebrated their union in a small gathering and ever since then, they have kept their affairs on a low key.

Body Measurements

She is a gorgeous lady whose personality depicts excellence. Standing at 6 feet 1 inch, it is conclusive that Elsie has a perfect height. She weighs 75 Kg and is believed to measure 32-28-32 inches for her breast, waist and hips sizes respectively.  She is blond haired and blue-eyed.