Hunter Plake – Biography and Everything To Know About The Voice Singer

Hunter Plake was an ordinary lead singer in his Crossroad Church, Lafayette, before his stint in the season twelve of the prestigious American talent reality show, The Voice. He joined the NBC production in 2017 and put up superlative performances before his eventual eviction in the semi-finals. He is currently a songwriter, and singer who has in his credit, songs like Eden which made an impression on the charts after it was released on iTunes. Read on to learn more about the Louisiana-born musician’s biography, and everything else there is to know about this The Voice singer.

Hunter Plake – Biography

He was born on the 14th of November 1995 as Hunter Christian Plake in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States of America. He is the son of Youra and Bud Plake and was not born as an only child as he grew up with a sibling, a brother who is known as Dakota Plake.

As a young child, Plake started expressing his musical talent which he probably inherited from his parents, especially his dad who was musically inclined. By the time he was fourteen years old, Hunter Plake could write his own songs and score musical lines. He obtained his GED and proceeded to get his associate degree in Music Arts from Crossroads Leadership College in 2013.

In his formative years, he served as a powerful chorister and lead worship singer in his family church, while serving as a music tutor for kids in the weekdays. He and his brother Dakota also formed their own pop band called Plake. They mostly played cover songs which they uploaded on the video viewing channel – YouTube, one of such was the cover of Yellow.

Below is everything there is to know about the former The Voice contestant, including his music career and other juicy facts.

Everything To Know About Hunter Plake

1. Music flows in his family

Hunter Plake is not the only musician in his family, his dad was a member of a Christian rock band and his brother Dakota is not left out as he is a musician with house studio. Dakota and Hunter often record their songs in his studio.

2. Personal life

He is happily married to Bethany Jackson who he met in 2014. After about a year of courtship, the pair got married on the 10th day of June 2016 in the presence of their friends and loved ones before they rode off to Seattle for their honeymoon. Their young marriage, after about two months, was almost threatened by the total loss of their belongings in August 2016, after the Louisiana floods that carried everything in its pathway, including cars and houses. Fortunately for the couple, the house of Bud and Youra – Plake’s parents, was big enough to accommodate them while they tried to get back on their feet to start life afresh with much support from their families and friends.

3. His The Voice timeline

His rendition of Fun’s Carry On got him straight into the next stage of the reality show as the two iconic musicians Alicia Keys and Gwen Stefani scrambled to have him on their team but he chose Keys over Gwen. As fate would have it, he was saved by the click of the bell when he was kicked out of Keys’ team in favour of Jack Cassidy. He eventually made it to the top eight round in episode eleven, thanks to the timely intervention of both Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani that saw him cruise into the semi-final, the stage where he was later evicted from the show. Even though Chris Blue won the competition, Hunter Plake became a star and musical sensation, warming his way into many hearts.

4. His musical projects

The musical talent of Hunter Plake was never in doubt. He teamed up with his brother after leaving The Voice and they released the already recorded song Eden in July 2017. The song did well on Itunes Music Charts at different genres. It was followed by yet another track in February 2018 and he titled this one Hurricane Lovers. His other singles Cold Vibes and Float were all well received.

5. Life after The Voice

Hunter Plake has no doubt remained under public scrutiny since his eviction from the semi-finals of the music competition. He moved back to Louisiana to his family and has long remained the humble musician he was before he rose to fame through The Voice talent show. He and his younger brother Dakota have been playing at various events within their area and are also busy recording more hits from their home studio where they mix and produce songs. Their dad Bud manages the music band while Hunter’s wife Bethany is her husband’s personal assistant. They relocated together to Los Angeles in search of greater opportunities and gigs.