How Did Matt Damon Meet Luciana Barroso? Here Are Facts You Need To Know

Matt Damon is one of Holywood’s A-lister who prefers to maintain a down-to-earth nature; one of the reasons why his numerous fans love him so much. Working in an industry where breakups happen all the time, Damon has managed to pitch his tent with the few people who have so far, been able to keep their relationships together. He has never been linked to any serious scandal and he is rarely in the news for the wrong reasons. This, to a large extent, is attributed to his marriage to his beautiful wife, Luciana Bozan Barroso.

Although the couple often attends red carpet events together, they have done a good job of keeping their private life away from the public and their marriage so far stands as proof that not all Hollywood romance is predestined to crash.

How Did Matt Damon Meet Luciana Barroso?

If living happily ever after were a function of where or how a couple met, then Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso would probably have parted ways a long time ago because their meeting was not really glamorous. During a 2011 interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the actor talked about how he met his wife, saying he met her by chance at a bar.

According to him, he agreed to feature in the Farrelly brothers comedy, Stuck on You in 2002 and the shooting was originally supposed to take place in Hawaii but was later moved to Miami. Because he had never really hung out in Miami, a couple of guys who were part of the crew decided to go and get a beer one night in the middle of the shoot and they dragged him along.

As fate would have it, they ended up at the bar where Luciana was working as a bartender. That day marked the beginning of a wonderful life for the couple.

Here are Facts You Need To Know

They’ve had two wedding ceremonies

Matt Damon and Luciana dated for two years before they got engaged in September 2005. Their wedding, unlike many celebrity weddings, was simple and low-key. They got married on December 9, 2005, in a private civil ceremony which took place inside New York’s City Hall and at that time, Damon’s wife was already three months gone with the pregnancy of their first child together. The wedding ceremony was attended by some of the couple’s friends and Alexia, the daughter of Luciana Barroso from a previous relationship.

Eight years after their secret, simple wedding, the couple decided to have a bigger celebration as they renewed their vows, spending, according to reports, $600,000 on a ceremony held in Saint Lucia. Unlike their first wedding, this had many of their friends and family in attendance, including Jimmy Kimmel who officiated the ceremony.

Previous relationships

The couple had been involved with other people before they met, but while Damon’s marriage to Luciana was his first time of being married, it was Luciana’s second marriage. She was first married to Arbello “Arby” Barroso but even though they were separated, their marriage did not officially end until December 2004. Before the marriage crashed, they had a daughter named Alexia.

Their children

In addition to his step-daughter, Alexia, Matt Damon has three biological children, all daughters, with his wife. The first named Isabella was born on June 11, 2006, and the second, Gia Zavala, arrived on August 20, 2008, while their third daughter, Stella Zavala, was born on October 20, 2010.

The two-week rule

Hollywood life and hectic schedules, if not well managed, will surely lead to the crash of any marriage due to the too much time usually spent apart from family. Matt Damon, who is determined never to let that happen, disclosed in 2013 that he and his wife have a two-week rule, meaning that they agreed that he will never be away for more than two weeks. According to the actor who described his wife as his soul mate, you need to be with the person you love as much as possible.

Matt and Luciana’s secret recipe to a happy home

Damon and his wife have been able to keep their marriage intact for more than a decade and this is largely due to the fact that they have been able to avoid the spotlight and are not a point of media attention. The actor attributes it to being married to a ‘civilian’.

Speaking in a 2013 interview, he noted that it is just sex and scandal that sells the tabloids and there was nothing scandalous about a guy who is married and has kids. As he said, if they (the tabloid writers) come outside where he lives, they are going to die of boredom because there was nothing going on that they can sell. This is quite true because Damon has been seen at different times, cheering his kids on at soccer games and dropping them off at school, nothing catchy, just the normal average dad life.