Glendon Crain – Biography, Facts About Stormy Daniels’ Husband

The celebrated pornographic actor, Glendon Crain is one of those actors who walked into fame by featuring in adult movies. He has also bagged several awards and nominations following his performances in many pornographic films including claiming the XBIZ Awards and NightMoves Awards. Prior to coming into the limelight as a porn star, Glendon Crain has been performing with several bands as a music artist. He has managed to achieve a somewhat successful career as a musician.

In addition, the popular adult movie actor also works as a songwriter having masterminded the songs played in the Pornographic film, Wanted. Aside from being known as an actor, Glendon Crain has also been publicly acknowledged as the husband of the controversial porn actress, Stormy Daniels. Now let’s take a glimpse at the biography and other interesting facts that you need to know about Stormy Daniels’ Husband.

Glendon Crain’s Biography

Glendon Crain was born as Brendon Miller in Kansas City, Kansas, United States of America on 30th August 1976. The pornographic actor has not revealed any detail concerning his parents, childhood and educational background. However, he was reported to have dropped out of high school in order to pursue his music career. The famous actor stands at a gigantic height of 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 m) and further has a body weight of about 85 kg (187 lbs).

Facts About Stormy Daniels’ Husband

1. Glendon Crain’s Acting Achievements

Stormy Daniels’ husband began his acting career in 2012 when he featured in the pornographic film, The Dark Knight XXX, portraying the character of Joker. Following his performance in the movie, he bagged the XBIZ Award in 2013, for the category of Best Supporting Actor. Later in the following year, the porn star took some time off from acting in order to concentrate on his music career.

Having been imbued with the acting talent for adult movies, Glendon Crain went back to his pornographic acting career in 2015 as he starred in Batman v Superman XXX: An Axel Braun Parody, where he repeated the same role he played in The Dark Knight XXX. As a result of the display of his unique talent in the movie, Glendon Crain was awarded XBIZ Awards in 2016. Additionally, he has gained nominations in XRCO Awards and AVN Awards. His other adult movie credits include Happy Endings, Divorcees, First Crush, Wanted and others.

2. Relationship with Stormy Daniels

In 2010, Glendon Crain got married to Stormy Daniels who is a top American pornographic actress, producer, and stripper. She has won many awards in the industry and has been inducted into AVN, NightMoves and XRCO Hall of Fame. She has also starred together with Crain in multiple adult movies including Wanted.

Stormy Daniels became a public figure in 2018 following her scandal with the United States President, Donald Trump as she allegedly had an affair with him before he became US President. As a result of the allegation, Glendon Crain’s wife was settled with the sum of $130,000 hush money.

3. Divorce

The celebrated adult movie star was reported to have filed for divorce from his wife, Stormy Daniels in July 2018. Their marriage started gearing towards rock bottom since the inception of the Stormy Daniels scandal with the US President and equally due to domestic violence that existed in the marriage as Glendon Crain was arrested in 2015 for allegedly hitting Daniels.

4. His Music Career

Crain kicked off his music career by joining The Feds musical group as a drummer and recording five albums with them. He later left the group to become a member of John 5’s band. The porn actor, however, went on to form ‘All Hail the Yeti’, a band which he eventually abandoned in order to play with several other bands including Godhead, Hollywood Undead and others.

In addition, Glendon Crain goes by the stage name of Biscuitz and serves as The Wicked Outlaws lead singer. He also works as a songwriter as he is the brain behind the ‘On the Run’ song played in the adult movie, Wanted.

5. Glendon Crain has a Daughter

The skilled musician has a daughter named Caden Crain together with Stormy Daniels. After filing for divorce from Daniels, he moved on to seek full custody of his daughter along with a restraining order against the porn actress as he doesn’t want Caden to spend much time with her mother, citing that Daniels would have a negative influence on his daughter.