Franni Bryson – Bio, Age, Height, Facts About Al Franken’s Wife

Al Franken’s has been famous and infamous all through his life. Firstly, everyone knows him as a United States politician and comedian, secondly, he is popularly known to have been involved with a lot of sexual assault-related controversies. Anyways, despite his many temptations, his wife; Franni Bryson has stood behind her hubby and has never been spiteful of him through his trials. Many have wondered who this strong woman is? How she has managed to cope alongside her hubby throughout these periods? and What exactly is her take on all the matters her husband has been involved with? Well, before we run down telling you all whatnot about her, let’s introduce the person of Franni Bryson.

Franni Bryson, also known as Franni Frankel is a political activist. She is quite an activist in her community and has also served as a board member on the West side little league, a PTA president who has worked as a press for the Portland press herald. Also, she has worked side by side with the politician and has stood by him for all his political campaigns.

Regardless that Bryson is often found in front of the cameras as she pledges her obeisance to her politician husband, she is no talker. Apart from the story of her drug abuse and the car accident that killed her dad, Bryson is tight-lipped. Well, that’s a bit of her personal composition, keep at it as we tell you more about her.

Franni Bryson – Biography (Age)

Franni Bryson adapted the name Franni Franken after her union with Senator Al Franken. She was born on the 8th of October 1951. She was raised and born in Portland, Maine, the United States of America. Having lost her father in a car crash, Franni was raised solely by her mother alongside four of her siblings. She has three sisters and a brother. Her mom was a social worker who survived from the pennies she made in most of their programs.

Regardless of the fact that Fanni was raised in a poor home, she was able to attend Harvard University. Prior to her days at Harvard, Franni Bryson became a 1973 graduate from Simmons College. While in school, she delved into taking several leadership posts and was the PTA president, a girl scout, a board member for the West Side Little League, and a Dirigo Girls State Delegate.

Franni Bryson basically works alongside her husband. She is a social activist who helps her community and has also played the role of a reporter. Sources say that she basically is her husband’s personal adviser, wife, and best friend. Franni Bryson has had her shares of ups and down.

In 2008, it was revealed that the senator’s wife was recovering from excessive alcohol use and has been suffering from alcoholism for over two decades. Having spent over four decades with her husband and spending half of these times struggling from alcohol, her husband has practically helped her recover from her weakness. She joined the alcoholic group in 1986 and started her recovery process.

Franni Bryson wasn’t totally ashamed of her weakness, instead, she fought through her strengths and also used her plight as a line for her husband’s campaign. Not forgetting that she also used her father’s car crash accident to win the hearts of many. As regards the sexual controversy her husband faced, Franni Bryson believes that her husband stood with her through thick and thin and is also ready to do the same.

Facts About Al Franken’s Wife

Net Worth

When it comes to Franni Bryson’s net worth, it is rather hard to say as she has solely worked behind her husband whose net worth is pegged at $8 million. However, some sources have tagged her personal net worth to be around $500,000 – $750,000.

She Is The Reason Behind Her Husband’s Success

As aforementioned, Al Franken is no stranger to controversy. During his first campaign, he wrote about his playboy nature which in turn upset his political party. Many politicians that period let their frogs out and called his act demeaning and degrading. Also, Franken’s career background was also one of the few things that may likely have disqualified him, however, he didn’t give a hoot and continued to chase his career. Plus, the fact that his wife stood by him and also humanize him.

Children and Grandchildren

Franni Bryson has been married to her political husband for over four decades and has two children with him; Thomasin and Joseph. Their children are is also married have their own kids making Bryson and her husband grandparents.