Did You Know? Airstrips And Military Airports In Nigeria

There are 4 military airports out of 31 functioning airports in Nigeria. Some of them have no IATA code. Below are the lists of military airports around the country:

This military airport is located in Markudi, Benue State.

This is also casually referred to as Katsina Airport.

This Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Base used to be open to the public, but that need is currently served by the Kaduna International Airport (KAD). NAF is now strictly for military use.

This military airport differs from the Port Harcourt International Airport (PHC). While PHC serves both domestic and international flights, PHG services military flights from different aviation industries.

In addition to Warri Airport (also known as Osubi Airstrip), there are other airstrips around the country not particularly linked to an airport. So far we have an additional 13 listed airstrips, though not all of them have an IATA code. Below are the other airstrips around the country:

It is also known as Ajaokuta Airfield and it is located in Kogi State.

This airstrip is in Bauchi State.

It is in Bacita City in Kwara State.

Bajoga Airport is in Gombe State. It directly serves the workers and visitors to the Ashaka Cement Factory.

It is in Bebi Town in Cross River State. It serves as the landing area for passengers boarding flights to Obudu Mountain Resort. That’s because it is closer to the tourist hotspot than Calabar Airport.

It is in Bida Town in Niger State.

This airstrip is located in Eket, the second largest city in Akwa Ibom State.

This airstrip serves the oil-rich coastal terminal of Escravos in Delta State.

This is the only airstrip with an IATA code. It is located in Gusau City, the capital of Zamfara State.

This airstrip is tucked away in the Nguru Local Government Area (LGA) of Yobe State.

It’s also in Yobe, in Potiskum LGA.

This is the second airstrip in Niger State and it can be found near the shore of Lake Shiroro where it serves the Shiroro Hydroelectric Power Station.

This airstrip is in Bagudo near Tuga Bombo village in Kebbi State.