Daddy Yankee – Bio, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Kids, Family, Height, Is He Gay?

Over the years, many artists have been known to fuse different selections of music to create as well as popularize a brand new genre and you just cannot conclude the talk on hybrid genres without paying homage to Daddy Yankee. He is a singer of Puerto Rican origin who is also renowned as a rapper, songwriter and record producer. The versatile vocalist seems to have a finger in every entertainment pie with his talents extending to include acting. As one of the originators of reggaetón genre, Yankee went on to play a key role in establishing a mainstream market for the style of music which is greatly influenced by Spanish-language dancehall reggae and the conventional hip-hop.

Daddy Yankee was not deterred by his humble background, his early struggles were like a one-man show as he personally produced as well as independently released several mixtapes, moving on to make his greatest professional achievement as co-owner of El Cartel Records – one of the popular record companies of our time. The company was responsible for the release of his debut international album Barrio Fino which recorded unprecedented success globally. It also saw the end of Yankee’s ten-year struggle as it made him an international celebrity.

Daddy Yankee’s Bio (Age)

Daddy Yankee is his stage name but he was born with the given name Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez in Río Piedras, San Juan, Puerto Rico. 3rd of February 1977 is his date of birth and his dad was a salsa percussionist or bongosero. His mum is also a descendant from a lineage of musicians even though she earned a living as a manicurist.

Both him and his brother, Normar became exposed to the performing act at a very young age, as their dad would always perform before them. Daddy Yankee started experimenting with singing and rapping at age 13, specifically focusing on lyrical improvisation.

His interest in reggaetón was a later development as the young artist began to pay more attention to Spanish-language dancehall reggae, influenced by Vico C’s style and frequently put up accurate imitations of artists like DJ Nelson, DJ Playero, as well as DJ Drako.

Prior to his interest in music, Daddy Yankee was well on his way to becoming a professional Major League Baseball player, in fact, the Seattle Mariners was all set to sign the young player on, but that particular dream was crushed by two bullet shots he sustained from an AK-47, following the crossfire at a barrio gun battle.

Daddy Yankee will always be grateful to the bullet wounds as it made him consider an alternative career in music. Today, he has made name, wealth and prestige, earning several awards like the Latin Grammy Award. His international success earned him a place on the list of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people, endorsements from multinationals like Pepsi and Reebook and a $20 million deal with Interscope Records. As an actor, he became popular on the set of Talento de Barrio.

Wife, Kids, Family

It is a common belief that juvenile marriages are doomed to failure as the adolescents involved lack the maturity to sustain a lasting relationship. However, the marriage between Daddy Yankee and his lifelong partner, Mireddys Gonzalez, greatly negates this belief as the duo got hooked at a very young age and has weathered the storm till date. In fact, Daddy Yankee was just seventeen as at the time of their nuptials in 1994 and the experience according to him was further complicated when he became a dad at 18.

While treasuring the privacy of his personal life, the singer loosened up to the press for the first time at an interview session on Al Rojo Vivo with María Celeste Arrarás. His exact words were that his marriage has been sustained by friendship and he has tried his best to avoid all forms of temptation especially after witnessing the end of other celebrity marriages. They are blessed with three children namely Jeremy, Jessealy, and Yamilette,

Is Daddy Yankee Gay?

The question of being gay or not shouldn’t even arise in this case, because the musician has been established as straight right from a very young age, especially with being married at 17 and becoming a father at 18.

Daddy Yankee’s Net Worth

According to, Daddy Yankee’s wealth is currently estimated at $30 million which he owes majorly to his musical career, however, his acting gig and endorsement with several multinationals will take the credit for a few digits of his net worth.


His height is listed as 5 feet 7 inches with a matching weight of 78kg. Chest, waist, and biceps are measured as 42-35-15 inches, besides he comes with light brown eyes and hair that is brown in color.