Clarence Thomas – Biography, Wife, Age, Son, Net Worth, Wiki

Presently serving as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Clarence Thomas has made history in America with his long term service as a Justice. Following the end of the professional career of Anthony Kennedy, the most Senior Justice on the Supreme Court, he is currently occupying the noble position.

Well known as one of the Conservative members of the Supreme Court who doesn’t frequently engage in oral arguments, Thomas was carefully picked by the then President of the United States, George W. Bush who described him as the best-qualified candidate to replace Thurgood Marshall who was the first African American Justice to have served on the Supreme Court, thereby making Thomas the Second African American to occupy such a prestigious position.

The US Justice whose works have revolved around retaining the original meaning of the established law in the United States has previously been chosen as a Judge that represented the District of Columbia Circuit at the United States Court of Appeals by former US President, George W. Bush. He has also written several books including his autobiography, “My Grandfather’s Son”, a bestseller book.

Clarence Thomas Biography (Wiki, Age)

The US Supreme Court Justice was born in a predominantly black community known as PinPoint in Georgia. He made his arrival into the world in 1948 as the second child of M.C Thomas and Leola Williams. He has two siblings and was brought up in Savannah, Georgia. His father was a farmer while his mother was a domestic worker.

At a very young age, Thomas’ father abandoned his family and left his mother to carter for the family single-handedly. As a result of her menial job that wasn’t able to provide substantial income that could take proper care of her family, Clarence Thomas along with his siblings were moved to his mother’s parents. He was seven years old when he relocated to Savannah, Georgia where he was raised by his grandparents, Myers and Christine Anderson. His life took a positive turn around as his grandfather took full responsibility for his welfare. Thomas has gone ahead to describe him as the greatest man he has ever known.

Clarence Thomas schooled at the Conception Seminary College for a brief time before graduating with a degree in English Literature from College of the Holy Cross in Massachusettes. He further went on to earn a Juris Doctorate degree from Yale Law Scool in 1974.

After his graduation, he had the privilege of working under State Attorney General, John Danforth as Assistant Attorney General of Missouri at Missouri bar. While at Danforth’s office, the Supreme Court Justice worked under different divisions including the criminal appeals division along with the revenue taxation division.

Furthermore, he was selected by then President, George Bush to become a Judge representing the District of Columbia at the United States Court of Appeals. Soon after his confirmation in 1990, he was selected to be among the five candidates to become a Supreme Court Judge, after Justice William Brennan stepped down from the position.

After due deliberations, Judge David Scouter was selected but coincidentally, Justice Thurgood Marshall ended his professional career in 1991, which resulted in Clarence Thomas succeeding him as he was picked by George Bush once again. His confirmation was an eventful one as it emerged with the narrowest margin for approval in a century, 52-48 votes as a result of the sexual misconduct allegations laid against him by his former employee and US attorney, Anita Hill. Currently, Thomas Clarence is serving as an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

Net Worth

Following his long term service in his profession, Clarence Thomas has amassed enormous wealth. Although his net worth has not been reported at the moment, his annual salary as a Supreme Court associate Justice is estimated at $225,300.

Family – His Wife And Son

With reference to his personal life, Clarence Thomas has been married twice. He first exchanged vows with his College girlfriend, Kathy Grace Ambush in 1971. Ten years later, the couple headed their separate ways and finally got divorced in 1984. They both had a son named Jamal. Thomas Clarence once again tied the knot with his second wife, Virginia Lamp who works as the aide of Dick Armey, United States Republican Congressman. Thomas along with his wife have moved on to become foster parents of his nephew, Mark Martin Jr.