Chris Stirewalt – Biography and Profile, If Married, Who is The Wife?

Self-described as a simple country pundit, Chris Stirewalt is probably well known for his position as the political editor for The Washington Examiner. His life, from early childhood to adulthood, has shown him as one who was determined to have a voice not to be ignored in the political world. Represented by Leading Authorities Speakers Bureau, Chris Stirewalt is an American political editor, pundit, and public speaker. He has made a name for himself by taking charge of all things politics across the slew of programs Fox News Channel has to offer, and in here we take a dive into his biography, profile as well as his love life.

Chris Stirewalt Biography and Profile

Chris Stirewalt was born on the 17th of November, 1975 in Wheeling, West Virginia. He is the son of late Joan Marie McCarthy. His father’s name and present state are not known to the public. Stirewalt grew up together with his sister Kirsten Powers. He attended Whitfield School, a private middle and high school in St. Louis, Missouri before heading back to his hometown high school The Linsly School in 1990. After graduating high school, the editor left his hometown state and went to Virginia to attend Hampden-Sydney College in 1993. He graduated from the liberal arts college in 1997.

Graduating from Hampden-Sydney was the start of Chris Stirewalt’s career into becoming a TV personality. Soon after he left university, he got his career started at Wheeling Intelligencer, a daily newspaper line in his hometown of Wheeling. He got to join the Charleston Daily Mail afterward in 1998, where he served as a political editor for the newspaper. After six years with the publication, he joined West Virginia Media Holdings where he retained his political editing duties. His tenure at the media company lasted from 2004 to 2007.

In the year 2007, Chris Stirewalt joined The Washington Examiner and became a writer for a twice-weekly column. He also gave political coverage for the newspaper. His duties for The Washington Examiner lasted until Stirewalt left and joined Fox News Channel in 2010. Working as the digital politics editor, as well as a political commentator for the channel, Chris Stirewalt’s roles go from coordinating political coverage across Fox platforms to contributing articles, video segments, a weekly podcast with his co-host Dana Perino and regular appearances on other Fox News programs.

Some of the other Fox News programs he has appeared on are America’s Newsroom, Special Report with Bret Baier and Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. Chris also runs a daily newsletter, Fox News Halftime Report, with close to 200,000 subscribers. His success also flows into his podcast, I’ll Tell You What, making it the first podcast to get a television show spin-off with the same name. He co-hosted the show with Dana Perino, leading up to the 2016 US presidential elections.

Besides his position on Fox News Channel, Chris Stirewalt is also a public speaker who speaks about political issues, current political climate and updates on Capitol Hill and the White House.


Because of the nature of his career and the several moments he has to share his opinions on air, Chris Stirewalt has come under several controversies and criticisms over the years. Most, in particular, is his support for President Donald Trump. Many have criticized his pro-Trump comments over the years, pegging him as someone who chooses to turn a blind eye over the several issues the president constantly faces over his speeches and decisions.

Net Worth and Salary

Chris Stirewalt has had a rather successful career dipping his feet in the media field of political editing. The average salary of a digital editor in the US is about $51,000. The average salary for a political editor is between $44k+ to $85k+ yearly. To that effect, his estimated net worth is a comfortable $6 million. It is also alleged that he rakes in $1 million annually as salary thanks to his earnings from ads, Fox, sponsorships and other things he gets involved with.

If Married, Who is the Wife?

It’s only normal that people would be curious if someone like Chris Stirewalt, especially with his position in Fox News Channel was married. Rumors went around that suggested he might be in a relationship with his podcast co-host Dana Perino. However, both of them have quelled the rumors, and Dana Perino has been married to Peter McMohan since 1998. On the other hand, it is highly likely that Stirewalt is a single man as there is no detail whatsoever in the media about his love life.