Catherine Herridge – Bio, Personal Life, Husband and Career Achievements

Catherine Herridge is a renowned author, wife, and compassionate mother who makes her living as a journalist working with Fox news. Since she joined Fox in 1996, she has remained a committed staff of the network with a topnotch record of making investigative reports which include the 9/11 U.S terrorist attack, Mrs. Clinton’s campaign for Senate in 2000, her 2016 email scandals and many others.

Following her marriage with Jeff Miller in 2004 and her subsequent childbirths, Catherine made headlines when she donated a portion of her liver to her embattled infant son in 2006. Did she survive it? Find out as we take you through the biography, personal life and career achievements of this media guru.

Catherine Herridge – Bio

The 18th of May 1965 brought forth Catherine Herridge on planet earth somewhere in Canada. Nothing much is known about the identities of her parents or siblings if at all she has any. The much we know is that her parents were military personnel. Herridge may be a Canadian by birth but she is equally a citizen of America.

She was raised in Toronto, Ontario and as a child, she craved for a career in journalism. With this in view, Cathy got her start in college from the prestigious Harvard University before she proceeded to the Columbia University School of journalism where she bagged her masters’ degree in Journalism.

Fully armed with a master degree, Catherine Herridge’s career kicked off at ABC News where she served as a London-based correspondent. She later got hired as a field correspondent and writer for the Fox newsmagazine outfit known as The Pulse which has long gone into extinction. After a long and productive work relationship with ABC News, she left the news outfit to join Fox News channel in 1996 as one of its employees.

Ever since 1996 Catherine Herridge has been with Fox News, she has grown with the station and earned her well deserved promotion as a chief intelligence correspondent, a task she carries out with a sense of duty and commitment. The journalist cover activities of intelligence in the Justice Department of homeland security.

The seasoned news correspondent in 2010, had a faceoff with Fox News following the inability of the news media to grant the demand of 95% increase in salary made by Catherine Herridge which would see her annual take-home skyrocket to $900, 000.

The case was trashed out of a federal court for lack of merit by a judge. However, from her annual salary believed to be in the region of $100,000, Catherine has been able to garner a net worth estimated at $10 million.

Career Achievements

Catherine Herridge’s hard work has earned her a place in the list of America’s most decorated female journalist. Amongst her career achievements include covering of Hillary Clinton’s campaign for Senate in 2000 and the 2016 campaign scandals, the United States democratic presidential elections in 2004, 2002 sniper attacks in Washington, D.C.

Others include her investigation of the death of Princess Diana, the resolution sponsored by the U.S seeking for the lifting of sanctions against Iraq, and reportage of the tragic terror attack on the US on September 11, 2001 (9/11).

Aside from her being a journalist, Catherine Herridge has whetted hers kill as an author. She authored a book titled The Next Wave: On the Hunt for Al Qaeda’s American Recruits (2011). The book brought to fore the activities of terrorists in the Middle East.

Personal Life: Husband and Kids

One thing that will always stand Catherine out is her ability to manage her home and still deliver topnotch services in her profession. Perhaps, she settled with a man that plays supportive roles to see things go as smooth as they are. Catherine Herridge tied the nuptial knot with her heartthrob, an American Air force officer named Lt. Col, JD Hayes on March 13, 2004. There is no record of where and when they met before emerging as husband and wife.

In 2006, the 5 feet 8 inches (1.73m) tall journalist showed how a compassionate mother she is when her son was diagnosed with biliary atresia which required a liver donation from a matching liver, when help seemed not to be coming and the baby boy was left to die, Catherine stepped in and donated a portion of her liver to the boy precisely on June 6, 2006. Thankfully the surgery was successful both mother and child came out unscathed. For over a decade and counting, both Catherine and her son are in good health.