Brittany Pettibone – Biography, Age, Height And Other Facts

Brittany Pettibone is a YouTube Vlogger who rose to stardom as a result of her support for the US President, Donald Trump. She is also known as a conspiracy theorist who has propagated series of crackbrain theories such as Pizzigate and White genocide which has gained negative reviews. Describing herself as an American Nationalist, Pettibone often uploads videos on political and social commentaries on her YouTube account on a weekly basis.

Following her publicly stated opinions on white nationalism which have been described by many to be vague and contradicting, Brittany Pettibone has often been regarded as a racist. However, she has gone on to deny the allegations on multiple occasions and equally during an interview with Tim Pool where she stated that she is not a white nationalist or a racist. Learn more fascinating facts about the controversial YouTuber.

Brittany Pettibone Biography (Age) 

The media personality was born in California, the United States on 7th October 1992. She is the daughter of Theodore and Sabrina Pettibone. Her father contested for the governorship of Kansas under the Reform Party during the 2002 United States gubernatorial election. She has a twin sister named Nichole Pettibone and six other siblings. She had her childhood experience in Kansas. Brittany Pettibone attended Thomas More High School in San Jose during her freshman year together with her twin sister and was later home-schooled.

As a result of her political views and beliefs, the famous Vlogger is said to have a very strong connection with the alt-right group, although she denies being a racist. She has propagated extreme far-right conspiracy theories such as the Pizzagate conspiracy theory which ultimately led to a shooting. Pettibone has also continued to spread the White Genocide conspiracy for which she stated that a shadowy global elite made a plan to turn white populations in majority white countries into racial minorities through immigration, support for access to abortion and other means. She has gone ahead to describe herself as a political activist as well as an American nationalist.

Height and Other Facts

1. Brittany Pettibone is an Author

The social media celebrity along with her twin sister, Nicole Pettibone penned down their first book series titled, Hatred Day in the young fantasy/sci-fi genre. They chose the pen name T.S Pettibone for the book, which is the acronym of the names of their parents in honor of them. Hatred Day was self-published by Pettibone alongside her twin sister and was released on 29th January 2016. It is the first release of the authors’ planned seven-book series which would be mostly centered on the world of fantasy. Brittany Pettibone has cited John Truby as her influence with regards to her writing.

2. She is Engaged

On 30th August 2018, Brittany Pettibone was engaged by her boyfriend, Martin Seller. The media personality shared the information with her fans on her Facebook page. Her fiance, Martin Sellner is an Austrian Neue Rechte activist who also serves as the leader of the Identitarian Movement of Austria.

3. Her Fiance’s Ban

In March 2018, Brittany Pettibone’s fiance was deported and denied entry to the United Kingdom and was also banned from entering the United States as he is being suspected to be a member of a terrorist organisation. He intended to deliver an address at Speaker’s Corner in London’s Hyde Park in 2018 but he was denied entry, detained for two days and deported. Similarly, the United States authorities have canceled his permit to travel without a visa to the US, hence preventing him from visiting his fiancée.

4. Brittany Pettibone Rebranding Campaign 

The British government decided to refuse entry to Pettibone in 2018, as a result of her far-right views and conspiracy theories which supports anti-Muslim, anti-migrant and racial separatist Identitarian movement alongside the controversies surrounding her. As a result of the ban, the far-right vlogger has been on a continuous campaign to rebrand herself as a journalist and conservative activist.

5. Brittany Pettibone made the ADL Hate List

The International Jewish non-government organisation based in the United States known as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has shortlisted Brittany Pettibone’s name in their Hate List, having that their mission is to fight anti-Semitism and defend civil rights for all.

6. Height

There is no available detail concerning the height of the popular American conspiracy theorist but judging from her physical appearance, Brittany Pettibone seems to be of average height.