Bob Flick – Bio, Net Worth, Family Life of Loni Anderson’s Husband

Bob Flick is popularly known as an American folk singer who founded the squad, The Four Brothers. Ever since the creation of the group in 1956, he is regarded as the only brother who has consistently stayed put despite others leaving. Meanwhile, the group is very much functional and is spreading folk music to every doorstep.

Besides being famed for his music career, he is also the husband of the popular actress, Loni Anderson. He is the fourth husband to the actress and has remained faithful to the vows, he took with her sometime in 2008. They are blessed with beautiful children and are both doing perfectly well career-wise.

Bob Flick – Bio

As regarding the singer’s birthdate, Bob Flick is yet to reveal the details of the day, month and year, he was born. While a few sources have drawn conclusions that he is running into his seventies, however, judging from his looks, Bob could play be running into his late fifties. Similarly, Bob has been silent with the details of his immediate family and early years. However, it is already known that the University of Washington is his Alma Mata.

Bob Flick is an impeccable singer who has redefined the taste of music as a folk singer. He is the founder of the music group, The Four Brothers, consisting of casts like John Paine, Mike Kirkland, and Dick Foley. Also, a few celebrated artists like Bob Haworth, Tom Coe, Terry Lauber, Mike McCoy, and Mark Pearson have at one time or the other been part of the group. The group began at the University of Washington and were all members of the Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity in 1956.

As a member of the music group, Bob Flick has contributed greatly to the success of the folk group. He released lots of singles that came out as topnotch to the delight of every folk music lover. His single Greenfields topped the Norway Music chart and peaked at the number 2 spot in the US Billboard Hot 100. The squad album, B.M.O.C was also a major hit which peaked at the number 4 spot in the US Billboard chart. Later on, their album, The Green Leaves of Summer was featured as one of the top ten songs in 1961 and sat at the number 65th spot in the US Billboard Hot 100.

Come 1962, the Four Brothers recorded the title song for the Holywood film; Five Weeks in a Ballon. Subsequently, they ventured out to create a radio station in Seaside Oregon known as KSWB in 1968 alongside Jerry Dennon. Despite that a lot of bands have come and gone, The Four Brothers ever since its creation is still very much together and active till date. They have gone ahead to release more musical gigs while bonding as a family.

Net Worth

Bob Flick has earned a huge amount of money through his singing career. However, he is yet to disclose his exact net worth but considering the pace at which his career has grown, it is believed he is worth a couple of millions. His wife on her end as an actress is said to sit on a net worth of $12 million.

In the group, The Four Brothers, Bob is said to be the only one who has contributed consistently to the growth of the group and is mostly the frontier in many of their musical gigs.

Family Life of Loni Anderson’s Husband

Bob Flick’s union with Loni Anderson has spanned for a couple of years without any form of controversy or scandal. The two met for the first time in 1963 during a movie premiere at Minneapolis. They eventually didn’t get to start up a relationship and spent a lot of years without communication. They later met for the second time at a Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) education Campaign in Seattle where Loni was a spokesperson for the event. One thing led to the other as they say and they decided to give what they felt for each other a chance to thrive. The duo subsequently conjugated their union on the 17th of May 2008. Their union is blessed with beautiful children.

Meanwhile, Loni Anderson has been married thrice, she was once married to Bruce Hasselberg (1964-1966), Ross Bickel (1973-1981) and Quinton Anderson Reynolds (1993).