Big Show – Bio, Height, Weight, Age, Net Worth, Is He Dead?

Professional wrestler Paul Donald Wight II is best known by his stage name Big Show which is the perfect depiction of his mountain-like looks. Since he came to the scene of wrestling at the RAW brand of World Wrestling Entertainment, he has been quite a sensation over the last two decades in the entertainment industry as he has not just shown his face only in wrestling but has also been on-screen in movies.

Big Show is endowed with a massive body size that was all the advantage he needed to succeed in his chosen career. He is a well-decorated wrestler who never got it the easy way but persisted till the end and has been crowned with huge success through his professional years.

Big Show’s Biography and Age

Although he is better known by his stage name Big Show, the wrestling champion was originally given the Paul Donald Wight Jr at birth on the 8th day of February 1972, in Aiken, South Carolina. His father has been identified as Paul Wight Sr but his mother’s name is not known. Just like his idol Andre the Giant, Wight suffered from acromegaly, which is a disorder in which the pituitary gland produces excess growth hormone. This was noticed early because, at the age of 12, Big Show was already standing tall at the height of 6 feet 2 inches, weighed 100 kg and was already developing chest hair. By the time he was playing for the Wichita State University basketball team, he had already reached a height of 7 feet 1 inch.

Big show had quite a promising future as he was good in athletic sports. He was a major part of his high school’s basketball team and was also showing prominence in American football where he played as a tight end. His play in the football team was short-lived as a dispute between himself and his coach made him quit but his relentless support for his team was still very visible from the cheerleading stand.

After an impressive athletic showdown in high school, Wight moved on with his educational pursuit by enrolling to Northern Oklahoma Junior College in Tonkawa, Oklahoma where he still put his athletic skill into work by playing for the basketball team. At some point in college, Wight decided to make a change and move to Wichita State University, where he also played for the basketball team.

Career Timeline

The prominent wrestling superstar began from a not-so-smooth phase before hitting the peak of his career. He engaged in many off-the-jobs such as bouncing, bounty hunting and lots more. His walk towards wrestling came up when he met with Danny Bonaduce at a live microphone amateur contest on his morning radio show. Big show met Hulk Hogan through Bonaduce. Hogan picked interest in him after seeing him entertain the crowd at a promotional basketball game for World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

With a desire to work for WWF which didn’t finally work due to rejection, Big Show decided to reach out to Larry Sharpe’s Monster factory and paid $5000 for training. He ended up training under the guidance of Johnny Polo as Larry Sharpe wasn’t so fit. On the 3rd of December, 1994, Big Show had his in-ring debut for the World Wrestling Association (WWA) in Clementon, New Jersey. He had his first and final fight for WWA with Frank Finnegan and lost.

The very next year in 1995, he landed a lucrative deal with WCW and debuted under the ring name ‘The Giant’. He had his first match against WCW Champion Hogan and to the surprise of many, he won the belt but lost it a few days later. Realizing he made lesser money than other wrestlers, Big Show decided to not to renew his contract with WCW and instead, chose to become a free agent in 1999.

He didn’t stay long as a free agent as he was signed for a 10-year contract by WWF on February 9, 1999. He made his debut in the same year under the Vince McMahon’s stable. He feuded with many top wrestlers like the rock and Triple H and through the years, won a significant amount of belts and honors. After sustaining injuries in the early 2000s, Big Show had to leave which broke his contract with WWE. He came back in 2011 and reunited with his tag team partner, Kane. But he was again derailed by a surgery after which he went on a hiatus and made a major comeback in 2018, as he inducted his long-time friend Mark Henry into the WWE Hall of Fame

Speaking on his film career, Wight had his movie debut in 1996 as he appeared in the sports drama Reggie’s Player. Since then, he has starred in movies such as McCinsey’s Island (1998), The Waterboy (1998), McGruder (2010), Vendetta (2015) and lots more

Personal Life

Big Show has exchanged marital vows with two women. He got married for the first time in 1997 to Melissa Ann Piavis who he had a daughter with before their marriage hit the rocks in 2000. They got separated at the time and finalized their divorce two years later in 2002.

The wrestling champion gave matrimony a second try with Bess Katramados who he has been with ever since. Together, they have two sons with. Although the height difference between the t6wo has been an interesting topic of discussion for the media, it has been a binding force for the two.

What is Big Show’s Net Worth

The big athlete had a very successful run as a wrestler and has been a role model to many as he has given his very best in the wrestling profession. His net worth is pegged at around $20 million

Height and Weight

If there was anything that propelled Big Show to the massive success he had as a wrestler, it would be his massive size which his teeming fans loved. Although his height is a result of a growth disorder, he made the best use of it to propel himself to stardom. As one of the biggest athletes in the world, Big Show stands at the height of 7 ft 2 inches (2.13m) and weighs 174kg.

Is He Dead?

Every true celebrity has been involved in a death hoax or the other and Big Show is not an exception. Sometime in 2016, rumors ran rife that the wrestling champion had died from injuries he sustained from a car accident he was involved in. However, the WWE was quick to dispel the rumors when they released a statement saying that the wrestler was fit and fine. This was followed by a workout picture posted on social media by the star himself to put the rumors to a quick death.