Anya Martin – Bio, Family, Facts About Frank Martin’s Wife

For over a decade, Anya and Frank Martin have been going strong. The American basketball coach is already a household name, so it is no surprise that his wife has attracted some of that attention. Standing by her man’s since his college days is a feat not many can boast of. He may be the coach of a number of teams, but when it comes to the running of his household, he is a co-coach. Anya Martin is undoubtedly a minefield of juicy tidbits. As such, here is all there is to know about her family coupled with some interesting facts.

Anya Martin’s Bio

She was born and bred in the well-known area of Queens, New York. Though she is now a public figure, there is not a whole lot of information in the media about her childhood and upbringing. Even after her husband’s rise to fame, she has done well to keep this information under wraps. Nevertheless, there is still a lot available to know about Mrs. Martin. She graduated from John Bowen High School in Flushing, New York. Then, she went on to major in Business at the University of Massachusetts right before she transferred to North Eastern University. It was there that she chose Taxation as her course of study.

In addition to being big on the books, she also dabbled in some sports back in the day. While she was still at the University of Massachusetts, she took part in competitive sports. She was a champion sprinter and also a hurdler. These days, she is a supportive wife and homemaker. There is no doubt that her place in the Martin family is one of the utmost importance.

Anya Martin’s Family

Her family is pretty much out there, thanks to her high profile husband. Anya Martin is married to Frank Martin, who is currently the coach of the University of South Carolina men’s basketball team. This American born coach is the son of Cuban immigrants and happens to be the only member of his family born in the USA. Before he began his coaching career he went through a number of odd jobs, one of which involved him being a club bouncer.

She has been by his side for a large part of his collegiate coaching career. The two have been married since 2006 and have been waxing strong since. Anya Martin even stuck it through his move from Kansas State University all the way East to South Carolina. One of the main reasons for the move was that Anya’s mother was battling with breast cancer at the time. Being closer to her during that trying time meant the world to her and the rest of the family. The couple is blessed with three children, they are named Christian, Amalia, and Brandon Martin.

Facts About Frank Martin’s Wife, Anya Martin

She was an Accomplished Athlete in College

Anya Martin is in no way green when it comes to the rigors of the athletic world. In fact, she was a champion sprinter back in her college days. While studying at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, she set a number of UMass records in track team events, some of which were the 55-meter dash (1996) and the 100-meter hurdles (1998). Unfortunately, she suffered a sports-related injury; two of the vertebrae in her back were fractured and she was unable to participate for about 2 years. Fast forward to 2000, she emerged victorious in the 100-meter dash as well as the 100-meter high hurdles at the USATF New England Outdoor Track and Field Championships.

She is Quite Active in Her Spare Time

The basketball coach’s wife takes kickboxing classes and also plays tennis in her spare time. In addition to her regular workout routine, she occasionally kickboxes in order to stay in shape. To spice things up a bit, she loves to play tennis and even admitted that she gets a kick out of its competitiveness.

She is Described as the Backbone of her Family by her Husband

While he is out fulfilling all his coaching duties, Anya Martin holds down the fort. He once acknowledged in an interview, the fact that his presence in the house had been lacking for a while.