Ami Brown – Bio, Net Worth, Dead Or Alive, Cancer And Health Update

If you’re familiar with the American reality TV series, Alaskan Bush People, then putting a picture to the name, Ami Brown is a no-brainer. Since it first aired on May 6, 2014, The Alaskan Bush People has followed the Brown family as they try to survive in the desert lands of the US; completely detached from modern society. Ami has been part of the show every step of the way; until news broke about her—Stage III non-small cell lung—cancer condition back in 2017. Fans have been showing keen concern about her health status.

Some call it morbid curiosity. But what’s not in doubt is, a whole lot of viewers do care about Brown and hope to see her recover. If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of those good Samaritans who wish her speedy recovery from afar. Let’s find out more about her bio, net worth and of course, her health update.

Ami Brown’s Biography

Ami Brown was born—as Amora Larene Branson—in Texas, the USA on August 28, 1963, to the family of Eugene and Earlene Branson. She and her elder brother Les Branson were raised in Texas. Although there are not-so-many details about her early childhood, education or what her parents did for a living, we know that she had a tumultuous formative period and went through intense abuse from her family; which led to her fleeing home at just fifteen, when she married Billy.

We’re not sure how they met but we know Ami and Billy Brown were married on June 16, 1979. Before hitting fame, they were a lowkey, obscure couple trying to survive. Shortly after their wedding, Billy worked as a plumber but soon called it quits when he saw no prospects in the vocation. In a search of greener pasture and a better life, the new family of four “toured” the hinterlands of the United States, eventually selling off their vehicle and using the proceeds to go start a new life in Alaska. After arriving Wrangell, Alaska, via ship, the family settled in. But not without difficulty. They eventually settled in Mosman Island. Together, Ami and Brown have seven children; Matthew, Bam Bam, Solomon, Gabriel, Noah, Amora, and Merry Christmas.

Ami Brown came into the spotlight when her family was discovered by the Discovery Channel crew. The channel thought it’d be profitable to tell the story of Ami Brown and her family who, fascinatingly had spent over two decades living in the wilderness. So, the show, Alaskan Bush People aired its first episode on May 6, 2014. So far, it has aired nine seasons with well over 80 episodes. As of April of 2019, sources revealed that the show has been renewed for a 10th season. The show features all seven children of the Brown family and a daughter-in-law of one of their sons, Rhain Alicia who is married to Noah Brown.

Net Worth

As of 2019, Sources reveal that Ami Brown’s net worth stands at approximately $500,000. The reality TV star has amassed much of that from her appearance on the reality TV series Alaskan Bush People. As a cast on The Alaskan Bush People, Ami takes home around $40,000 to $60,000 per annum.

Is Ami Brown Dead Or Alive?

It all began when Ami began complaining of severe pains during the filming of the sixth season of the show. When the issue was taken under diagnosis, it was revealed that what Brown believed was tuberculosis was actually cancer; a stage III lung cancer. According to the doctor, she had only a three percent chance of survival. The realization sparked sympathy and concern across millions of viewers. The family relocated to Southern California where treatment began in earnest. So far, multiple chemotherapy sessions at the UCLA medical center has kept Ami Brown alive.

Cancer And Health Update

A match 2019 update showed that Ami Brown is responding pretty well to treatment. Her UCLA Oncologist, Dr. Deborah Wong says Brown is now in remission. Although she has lost about 40 pounds through this trying period, she, however, has been pushing back against cancer. Considering how rapidly it can spread through the patient’s body. However, Brown’s hasn’t spread that much and has been contained through chemotherapy; giving her a second shot at life.