Amanda Head – Biography, If Married, Who Is The Husband? Here Are Facts

The beautiful Amanda Head initially kicked off her career as a music artist, model, and actress before eventually deciding to go political. She quit the entertainment industry after her many years of investment and is currently doing well as an unapologetic political commentator.

Amanda Head is quite an open-minded individual who sees life in a very different perspective. Here, we have successfully compiled all the necessary details you need to know about her in this article; keep reading to find out.

Amanda Head – Biography

Amanda Head’s strong right-wing background has rubbed off on both her professional and personal life. She was born and raised in Alabama but subsequently moved to Los Angeles after graduating from Auburn University where she bagged a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. More so, in addition to her first degree, Amanda Head minored in music.

After graduating from school, Amanda Head decided to pursue a musical career and also become an actress. She excelled with her musical career and performed in shows like the Hollywood Bowl and at the SXSW Music Festival. She made her mark by performing all over the southeast and New York in several musical plays as well as Operas. Her classical background helped with her skills and helped her attain lots of successes in almost all genres of music.

She subsequently became the leader of an electro-pop group, Stash, whose first released single reached the number 36 spot on the Billboard Mainstream Top 40. Her group was globally recognized for their singles, Don’t Tear Me Down and Strip Me Bare. All through 2006 to 2016, as her career grew, Amanda Head found it difficult to explore her political dreams. Eventually, the musician found it quite difficult to suppress her political dreams, so she took the drastic decision of walking away from the entertainment industry in January 2016. In her words, she had always wanted to make a difference politically. Her first steps to actualizing her dreams was with a video blog known as The Hollywood Conservative.

With her political persuasion in Los Angeles, Amanda Head knew that she had developed a niche and a distinct platform for getting to those whose political views were neglected. She was present at the CPAC conference in Washington DC in which she caught a lot of media attention. For her appearance at CPAC, she subsequently landed an offer to run her own radio show on Conservative Commandos Radio in Philadelphia. Later, her show, The Hollywood Conservative came on-air on WNJC AM1360, March 20, 2016. Shortly after she began airing her show, Red State Talk Radio WFYL AM1180 picked up the show.

Besides her involvement with The Hollywood Conservative, Amanda Head has appeared as a guest and has filled in as a host for the Talkers Top 100 show, The John Cardillo Show. She is also a frequent guest on CBC and BBC.

If Married, Who is The Husband?

Amanda Head is not yet married; for a long while, she kept her relationship status under lock and key. However, she eventually took to her Instagram to celebrate the love of her life, Ryan. As the story goes, the two met for the first time in 2012 when she moved to her apartment; while trying to fix something on her roof, she lost her balance but Ryan who watched from afar stretched out his arms to help. They subsequently became best of buddies and eventually kicked off a relationship.

To the delight of her fans, Amanda Head went ahead to announce that she and Ryan were ready to take their relationship to the altar. Fans couldn’t contend their joy and have wished them the very best of their union

Here Are Other Facts To Know About Amanda Head

• Amanda Head often describes herself as a principled lady who is unapologetic for her views on certain issues. In fact, she is often described as one of the many strong-willed women in the world.

• While at Auburn University, Amanda Head became the first freshman to emerge as the school queen after competing in the Auburn University pageantry. During the competition, she advocated for music as a means of therapy for students with learning disabilities, for those in the hospital as well as the elderly.

• Unsurprisingly, Amanda Head is a good writer whose columns have received rave reviews.