AJ McCarron – Bio, Wife, Girlfriend, Mom, Brothers, Salary, Height

Few football players are able to make an indelible mark in the world of American football by beating the record performances of their predecessors and setting new records in the sport. The quarterback AJ McCarron is one of such players who has gone down in history for his record-breaking approach to the sport of football. This Alabama native even at a young age was able to impress a lot of people with the way he plays the sport and has been the recipient of multiple awards for how he plays the game of football.


AJ McCarron was born Raymond Anthony McCarron Jr. on the 13th of September, 1990 in Mobile, Alabama. One day in the month of August of 1996 when AJ was just five years old, he went on a ski trip with his father and a cousin to the Dog River, where he happened to be the victim of a ski accident which almost claimed his life. AJ had grabbed onto the handlebars of the boat after they had hit a buoy. His grabbing of the handlebars caused his father to lose control of the Jet ski’s speed, his father then threw his cousin off the ski onto a pier they were approaching and did the same for AJ but he still managed to get injured.

The prognosis of the doctors was blindness, mental developmental problems, and most likely death, but he managed to come out of it alive and without any failings in his health.

AJ attended the religious school, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School for kindergarten up till the fourth grade before he went to another religious school, St. Paul’s Episcopal School.

McCarron’s affinity with the sport began in his teenage years while he was in high school, he started to play it as a hobby before he joined the school’s football team. In his junior year, he led his team in securing a state championship win against the Briarwood Christian School.

When the time came for him to go to college where he would play football at the college level, AJ chose to attend the University of Alabama and to be a part of the Crimson Tide team, he was the only quarterback that was signed that year. His college football career was largely successful and paved the way for him to take up a professional career in the sport which he did in 2014.

The first club he played for was the Cincinnati Bengals who signed a $2.4 million contract with him and picked him in the fifth round of the NFL draft of 2014. His drafting was affected because of his cocky attitude which resulted in him getting picked later than was predicted. He was with the Bengals for four seasons and in 2018, the Buffalo Bills signed him to a $10 million contract for the period of two years and in the following year, he was given to the Oakland Raiders in a trade.

He has won numerous titles in his career and it does not look like he is slowing down any time soon.

AJ McCarron Mom and Brother

AJ McCarron’s parents are Deedee Bonner and Tony McCarron. He is one of the two children his parents have together. They are now divorced and no longer together. McCarron’s younger brother Corey also leads a career as a football player, he currently plays fullback for Middle Tennessee State.

Wife, Girlfriend

AJ was in a relationship with the model Katherine Webb, the two had dated for a very long time before tying the knot in 2014 on the 12th of July. They got married in Alabama where they are both from. Webb was the Miss Alabama for the USA in 2012 and is known for not just her modeling but for her appearances on TV.

The couple have two sons and are devout Christians who are very much involved in their local church.


AJ McCarron currently plays for the Oakland Raiders where he earns over $500,000 as his salary while his estimated net worth is believed to be $1 million.


The position of a quarterback is a very important one in the game of football and there are specific body requirements you need to meet, one of which is height. McCarron stands at 6 feet 3 inches, which adequately aids his efficiency in playing the position of quarterback.