Tees Resort and Bar, Ilora, Nigeria

We at Tees Resort and bar offer premium services that cut across the hoteling business. Our services are affordable, comfortable and customer friendly. We are located opposite PHCN Power Control Office, Ilora Road, Ibadan, Nigeria.

Our establishment offers ultramodern facilities coupled with top class services to ensure you are as satisfied as possible. Whether it is business, pleasure or a mix of both, we welcome you. Our facilities include tastefully furnished bedding arrangements, parking, restaurant, lounge, mini-supermarket.

Ibadan is a town with a rich history of well tasting local delicacies, our exquisitely furnished restaurant comprising of skilled chefs is renowned for providing some of these famed delicacies. We assure you of a finger licking experience!

Our mini-supermarket sells a variety of goods, guests can purchase an array of items depending on their needs.

Rooms come furnished with comfortable bedding arrangements, ensuite bathroom and toilet, work table and chair, flat screen television, fridge. With the knowledge that people differ in taste, we offer a variety of well furnished and affordable rooms depending on what you require. Our rooms come as standard room, executive room, chalet. All rooms no matter their differences are stylish, comfortable and affordable.

Onsite parking and guard complex are available to guarantee safety of lives and property.


All our facilities and services have been designed to make your stay as pleasant as possible, check in today for a worthwhile experience.


Tees Resort and Bar

Opposite PHCN Power Control Office, Ilora Road,