GQ Suites, Ibadan

GQ suites is located at 28 Adebayo Street Idito, Sango, Ibadan, Nigeria. We offer premium services at affordable prices. We aim to make your stay comfortable, and as cozy as possible. Our rooms come fitted with ultra modern facilities aimed at making you comfortable.

Our facilities include, spacious parking space, tastefully furnished bedding arrangement, ensuite bathroom, bar, restaurant.

For people experiencing Ibadan for the first time, our restaurant will thrill your palates to richly prepared local delicacies and our bar serves a variety of drinks to quench your thirst.

We provide ample parking space which is guarded by security we guarantee safety of lives and property.

Our rooms come fitted with ensuite bathroom and toilet, decent bedding arrangement, and modern facilities. Our rooms are of different variety and come as names of states, they include Osun,Abuja, yankari, ofala, obudu.


So, book a room with us to have a comfortable and memorable experience.

GQ Suites is hotel in Ibadan, Oyo.


GQ Suites

28 Adebayo Street, Idito, Sango