Emekings Marriot Hotels, Umuahia, Nigeria

A stay at Emekings Marriot Hotels allows guests to experience quality accommodation and personalised service. Emekings Marriot Hotels is located along Umuahia-Owerri Road. This location makes it ideal for stopovers. All guest rooms have been decorated to a high standard with a host of modern amenities. Suites categories ranges from standard rooms to executive suites. Modern amenities in each room include a TV, shower, air conditioning and a private bathroom. A wide range of drinks with high level comfort and services are provided in our bars offering our guests privacy in conversation and relaxation, ideal for entertaining friends and meetings with your business associates. We also serve various local and continental dishes at our onsite restaurant.


Emekings Marriot Hotels

Plot 1000 Umuahia-Owerri Road, Eziama Ossah,