Delilah Hotelفندق دليلة ., Mādabā, Jordan

Welcome to Delilah Hotel “A Touch Of Hospitality”Delilah is a new friendly 3 stars Hotel in madaba , owned by three positive thinking friends , who believe in possibilities and in that ” He Profits Most , who serves Best ” .
Our team is at the heart and soul of Delilah Hotel and is integral to providing guests with a quality hotel services.
About the name :Delilah is a biblical Old Testament name mentioned in the ancient mythological story of Samson and Delilah.
So Delilah has been said to mean the queen of the night.
Delilah was a hit song for Tom Jones in 1968 which had done much to boost the usage and the popularity of the name.


Delilah Hotelفندق دليلة .

Aisha Um Al Mumeneen Street Madaba، Madaba, Jordan,