Thorstein Eiriksson – biography, fact, career, awards, net worth and life story

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Father: Erik the Red

Thorstein Eiriksson (Old Norse: Þórsteinn Eiríksson) was the third and youngest son of Eiríkr the Red and brother of Leif Ericson.
Practically nothing is known about Thorstein’s life. According to Brattahlíð lore, Thorvald, the brother of Leif and Thorstein, set sail in Eric’s footsteps to further explore Vinland, an area of North America. The natives, called Skraelings (Old Norse: Skrælingar) by the Norse, attacked Thorvald and his men. Thorvald received a fatal wound and was buried in Vinland. His crew returned to Greenland.
Thorsteinn subsequently set sail for Vinland to retrieve his brother’s body, along with his wife Guthrith (Gudrida). However, his expedition got lost and never reached Vinland, and returned to Greenland. At the close of the first week of winter they landed at Lysufiord, where Thorstein fell ill and died. In the spring, Gudrida returned to Ericsfiord.