Rudolf Opitz – biography, fact, career, awards, net worth and life story

IntroGerman paleontologist
Was Scientist 
From Germany 
Type Biology 
Birth 3 January 1890, Radebeul
Death 16 July 1940, Kłobuck
(aged 50 years)

Rudolf “Rudi” Opitz (1908 – 1939) was a German lithographer, Nazi Party opponent and victim.
His name appears on the Rudi-Opitz-Straße, a service road (Anliegerstraße) in the de:Gohlis district of Leipzig. The Gohlis tram depot (Straßenbahnhof) was named Jugendbahnhof „Rudi Opitz“ from 1950 to 1994.
From 1992 to 2004, Mittelschule „Rudi Opitz“ was the official, but seldom-used, name of the 94th School (Middle School), Schulgebäude Miltitzer Weg 3, de:Grünau, Leipzig. To 1992, Rudi-Opitz-Oberschule has been the official name of the previous polytechnic high school at the same location.