Richard Jackson – biography, fact, career, awards, net worth and life story

IntroEnglish footballer, born 1980
Is Athlete 
Football player 
Association football player 
From United Kingdom 
Type Sports 
Birth 18 April 1980, Whitby
Age:40 years

Richard Jackson may refer to:


  • Richard Jackson (Sudbury MP) (1688–1768), British MP for Sudbury in 1734
  • Richard Jackson (colonial agent) (c1721–1787), British lawyer, colonial agent and politician
  • Richard Jackson (Coleraine MP) (c 1729–1789), Irish politician, MP for Coleraine 1751–1789
  • Richard Jackson, Jr. (1764–1838), United States Representative from Rhode Island
  • Sir Richard Downes Jackson (1777–1845), Administrator of Canada West and Canada East, 1841–1842
  • Richard Stephens Jackson (1850–1938), British Member of Parliament for Greenwich, 1906–1910
  • Richard E. Jackson (born 1945), first African American mayor in New York State and former New York State Commissioner of Motor Vehicles


  • Dick Jackson (c. 1878–?), English footballer and manager
  • Richard Jackson (cricketer) (born 1979), English cricketer
  • Richard Jackson (footballer, born 1900), English footballer (Rotherham)
  • Richard Jackson (footballer, born 1980), English footballer (Derby County)
  • Rich Jackson (born 1941), American football player
  • Rick Jackson (born 1989), American basketball player


  • Richard H. Jackson (1866–1971), admiral in the United States Navy
  • Sir Richard Jackson (police officer) (1902–1975), Assistant Commissioner of the London Metropolitan Police, 1953–1963
  • R. M. Jackson (Richard Meredith Jackson) (1903–1986), British jurist and legal scholar
  • Richard Jackson (artist) (born 1939), American contemporary artist
  • Richard Jackson (biochemist), Emeritus Professor of RNA Biochemistry at the University of Cambridge
  • Richard H. Jackson (geographer) (born 1941), geography professor at Brigham Young University
  • Richard Jackson (bishop) (born 1961), Church of England Bishop of Lewes
  • Richard Jackson (choreographer) (born 1979), choreographer for Lady Gaga and reality television personality
  • Richard Jackson (theatrical producer) (born 1932), British theatrical producer and agent
  • Richard Lee Jackson (born 1979), American actor