Joel family – biography, fact, career, awards, net worth and life story

IntroSouth African family of English descent
From South Africa 

The Joel family of England was headed by three brothers, Jack, Woolf and Solomon, who made a fortune in diamond and gold mining in South Africa. Their father was Joel Joel (1836–1893) and their mother Catherine “Kate” Joel née Isaacs (1840–1917), a sister of Barnett Isaacs, later known as Barney Barnato.

As well as being prominent Randlords, several of the Joel family became widely known in thoroughbred horse racing as owner/breeders of numerous winners of British Classic Races.

The Joel brothers

  • Jack Barnato Joel (1862–1940), mining magnate, Chairman of Johannesburg Consolidated Investment Company Ltd (from 1931), Thoroughbred racehorse owner/breeder married to Olive Coulson Sopwith (d. 1937), daughter of Thomas Sopwith.
  • Woolf Barnato Joel (1863–1898), South African mining magnate
  • Solomon Barnato Joel (1865–1931), mining, brewing and railway magnate

Other Joels

Other prominent members of the Joel family include:

  • Stanhope Henry Joel (1903–1973), businessman, Thoroughbred racehorse owner/breeder
  • Dudley Joel (1904–1941), businessman, politician, World War II naval officer

Other relations

  • Barney Barnato
  • Joel Woolf Barnato, son of Barney Barnato

    • Diana Barnato Walker

Family tree

Joel Joel (1836/1837 – 7 Apr 1893), son of Isaac Joel (c1800-1847) and Rebecca Solomon (c1800-1842). Joel Joel married Catherine Isaacs (1840, Spitalfields – 8 Nov 1917). She was the daughter of Isaac Isaacs and Leah Harris

  1. Jack Barnato Joel (29 Sep 1862 – 13 Nov 1940) x Edith Richards (3 children) xx Olive Coulson Sopwith (d. 1937)

    1. Harry “Jim” Joel (1894–1992), businessman, philanthropist, Thoroughbred racehorse owner/breeder
    2. May
    3. Kathleen
  2. Woolf Joel (1863-March 1898) (shot dead in Johannesburg office by blackmailer Baron Kurt von Veltheim whose real name was Karl Frederic Moritz Kurtze, and was born at Allhausen, Brunswick, on 4 December 1857)
    1. Geoffrey (10 March 1896 London – 22 March 1957 Johannesburg) x Edith – maiden name unknown.
  3. Solomon Barnato Joel (23 May 1865 – 22 May 1931) married Ellen “Nellie” Ridley (-14 August 1919) (5 children) xx Phoebe Carlow

    1. Doris Irene Kathleen d. 14 August 1919 x Arthur Walter
    2. Woolf d.13 November 1923, named after Uncle Woolf Joel
    3. Stanhope Henry b.8 February 1903 at 2 Gt. Stanhope St, Mayfair x Gladys MacFadden
      1. Solna, married Harry Thomson Jones
      2. Dana
      3. Thalia
    4. Dudley Jack Barnato (26 April 1904 – 26 May 1941) (drowned at sea) – Conservative Party Member of Parliament x Esme Ritchie
    5. Eileen Daphne Solvia (20 March 1907 – 30 Jan 1974) x John Rogerson