Ibn al-Yasamin – biography, fact, career, awards, net worth and life story

IntroMoroccan mathematician
Is Mathematician 
From Morocco 
Type Literature 
Death 1204

Abu Muhammad ‘Abdallah ibn Muhammad ibn Hajjaj ibn al-Yasmin al-Adrini al-Ishbili (died 1204) more commonly known as ibn al-Yasmin, was Berber mathematician. His place of birth is unknown, but he received his education in Sevilla, Spain. Little is known of his personal life, except that he was born into a Berber family. and according to Ibn Sa’id, he was black like his mother. Since some historians have given him the surname al-Ishbili, he may have been born or grown up in Seville. Beside mathematics, he also became famous in literature, law, and particularly in Andalusian poetry.


His most important work is Talqih al-afkar bi rushum huruf al-ghubar (Fertilization of Thoughts with the Help of Dust Letters (Western Arabic Numerals)). It is a book of two hundred folios about (among other things) the science of calculation and geometry. He also wrote three poems (urzaja), one on algebra, one on irrational quadratic numbers and one on the method of false position.