Frank Hutchison – biography, fact, career, awards, net worth and life story

IntroAmerican early country blues and Piedmont blues musician
Was Musician 
From United States of America 
Type Music 
Birth 20 March 1891, Raleigh County, West Virginia, U.S.A.
Death 9 November 1945, Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio, U.S.A.
(aged 54 years)

Frank Hutchison (March 20, 1891 – November 9, 1945) was an American early country blues and Piedmont blues musician and songwriter. Hutchison was best known as a slide guitar player, where he held the guitar in his lap.


Born in Logan County, West Virginia, United States, Hutchison is considered to be the first white rural guitarist to record the blues, as he cut several tracks for Okeh Records. He worked as a coal miner at various coal mines in Logan County, West Virginia, both before and after his career as a recording artist. Between 1926 and 1929, Hutchison recorded forty-one sides for Okeh, of which nine were unissued. Three of the issued sides and three of the unissued were recorded with Sherman Lawson, a Logan County fiddler; others featured Hutchison’s guitar, harmonica and voice. Hutchison also performed in the “Okeh Medicine Show,” released by Okeh in 1929.

Hutchison is considered to be one of the finest performers of the “white country blues” genre of early folk music. One of his more famous recordings is “The Train That Carried My Girl From Town.” His recording of “Stackalee” was included in Harry Smith’s 1952 Anthology of American Folk Music, and influenced a number of musicians during the 1950s and 1960s folk revival.

Some years after his recording career had ended and after he left the Logan County coal mines, Hutchison and his wife operated a store in Lake, West Virginia, where he also served as postmaster. His family lived above the store. The store burned down, Hutchison lost everything and reportedly developed alcohol problems after that. He worked as a riverboat entertainer on the Ohio River and eventually moved to Columbus, Ohio.

He died in 1945 at a Dayton, Ohio hospital, of liver disease, aged 54.

Original discography

MatrixTitleRecord #Recording dateNotes
80143“Worried Blues”Okeh 45064September 28, 1926
80144“Train That Carried the Girl From Town”Okeh 45064September 28, 1926
80350“Stackalee”Okeh 45106January 28, 1927
80351“The Wild Horse”Okeh 45093January 28, 1927
80352“Long Way To Tipperary”Okeh 45089January 28, 1927
80353“The Gospel Ship”UnissuedJanuary 28, 1927
80354“The West Virginia Rag”Okeh 45083January 28, 1927
80355“C & O Excursion”Okeh 45089January 28, 1927
80356“Coney Isle”Okeh 45083January 28, 1927
80357“Old Rachel”Okeh 45093January 28, 1927
80358“Lightning Express”Okeh 45144January 28, 1927
80359“Stackalee”Okeh 45106January 28, 1927
80776“Old Rachel”UnissuedApril 28, 1927
80777“Lonesome Valley”UnissuedApril 28, 1927
80778“Logan County Blues”Okeh 45121April 28, 1927
80782“Worried Blues”Okeh 45114April 29, 1927
80783“The Train That Carried the Girl From Town”Okeh 45114April 29, 1927
80784“The Last Scene of the Titanic”Okeh 45121April 29, 1927
80785“All Night Long”Okeh 45144April 29, 1927
80786“Over the Waves”UnissuedApril 29, 1927
401102“Cluck Old Hen”UnissuedSeptember 10, 1928& Sherman Lawson
401103“Old Corn Liquor”UnissuedSeptember 10, 1928& Sherman Lawson
401104“Sally Gooden”UnissuedSeptember 10, 1928& Sherman Lawson
401105“Alabama Girl, Ain’t You Comin’ Out Tonight”Okeh 45313September 10, 1928& Sherman Lawson
401106“Hell Bound Train”Okeh 45452September 10, 1928& Sherman Lawson
401108“Wild Hogs In the Red Brush”Okeh 45274September 10, 1928& Sherman Lawson
401109“Boston Burglar”UnissuedSeptember 10, 1928
401110“The Burglar Man”Okeh 45313September 11, 1928
401111“Back In My Home Town”Okeh 45258September 11, 1928
401112“The Miner’s Blues”Okeh 45258September 11, 1928
401113“Hutchison’s Rag”Okeh 45274September 11, 1928
402504“The Boston Burglar”Okeh 45425July 9, 1929
402505“Down In the Lone Green Valley”UnissuedJuly 9, 1929
402506“The Chevrolet Six”Okeh 45378July 9, 1929
402507“Cumberland Gap”Okeh 45570July 9, 1929
402508“The Deal”Okeh 45570July 9, 1929
402509“Railroad Bill”Okeh 45425July 9, 1929
402510“Johnny and Jane, Part 1”Okeh 45361July 9, 1929
402511“Johnny and Jane, Part 2”Okeh 45361July 9, 1929
402512“Cannon Ball Blues”Okeh 45378July 9, 1929
402513“K.C.Blues”Okeh 45452July 9, 1929