Cornelius Keagon – biography, fact, career, awards, net worth and life story

IntroLiberian humanitarian
Known forCEO and President of the Liberian humanitarian organization Arts & Positivity
A.K.A.T.boy, Senator
Is Entrepreneur 
From Liberia 
Birth 6 July 1996 
, Monrovia, Liberia
Age24 years
Residence Paynesville, Liberia
Mother: Selina Keagon
Father: John Sei Keagon
Height: 1.75 cm
Stella Maris Polytechnic UniversityBusiness Management
Notable Works
The Problem No One Talks About2019
It Shines Towards Us2019
Scholars Award2018
Unity In Arts Award2017
Saddest Plot2017
Best Design2019

Cornelius Tuayan Keagon (born 6 July 1996) is a Liberian artist, blogger and business student who is known for creating the art work “The Problem No One Talks About”. He is currently studying Management at the Stella Maris Polytechnic in Monrovia. Keagon is also a Humanitarian who dreams of a world without Hunger and Poverty. He is the founder, CEO, and president of the Liberian humanitarian organization Arts & Positivity. Since 2007, Keagon has won over twenty art awards locally. His humanitarian organization, Arts & Positivity, is run by the aid of local Philanthropists and Politicians, they have been providing Basic needs and financial support to orphanages in Liberia since August 2019. His organization also host art Exhibitions occasionally. Known to be an avid reader, Keagon writes for several blogs on a full-time basis. His personal blogs include Medium, Blogger, and

Alongside a dream career in Business, Keagon also has the ambition of becoming a politician. He is the nephew of former Liberia Football Association chief referee Benedict Yarsiah, and a member of the Alternative National Congress, led by Liberian philanthropist and businessman turned politician Alexander B. Cummings Jr.

Early life & education

Keagon was born on July 6, 1996, in Monrovia to banker John Sei Keagon and his wife Selina. He has two older siblings: Kou Keagon-Baah, a Financial analyst and Pvt. Joseph Keagon of the United States Army. As the youngest, Keagon is considered as his mother’s favorite.

As the son of a bank manager, Keagon had a strained relationship with his late father, which developed more as he grew up. His childhood was disrupted by the Second Liberian Civil War. During the war, Keagon and his family took refuge at the smell-no-taste, a city outside Monrovia. After the Civil War, they moved back to Monrovia.

Keagon began his education at the Zoe Louis Preparatory School in Barnesville, Montserrado, Liberia. He was awarded at the end of his first grade academy year for being the most discipline student but was also criticized for being too shy. Due to the relocation from Barnesville to Paynesville in the early 2000s, Keagon transfered to the St. Kizito Catholic High School, where he remained up to his junior year. In August 2010, after gaining promotion to the 8th grade, he transfered to the Christ the King Catholic High School and graduated in August of 2016 instead of 2015 due to the Ebola virus epidemic in Liberia in 2014. He is currently a student at the Stella Maris Polytechnic.

At age 9, Keagon was discovered to be an Artist. His drawings developed more as he grew older, earning him the best young artist award of 2007 by the St. Kizito Catholic High School. His early paintings were mostly of famous people. In 2016, Keagon gained recognition when he uploaded a painting of a young black girl (who seems to be staring at the viewer) onto his personal Facebook account. The painting achieved over 2K likes and comments.

Career & Politics

From a young age Keagon had a Business Mindset. He helped run his father’s business, where he sold drinks at a local store. During his Junior Year of high school, he decided to study Business as a career having been inspired by successful entrepreneurs like Warren Buffett, Donald Trump, and Dan Lok. He sees business as a means of solving people’s problems at a profit while making life easier for others.


During his early childhood, Keagon established his notion of becoming a Politician, but it was later in his teens that he developed the thought of venturing into business as a career. During his senior year of high school, he followed entrepreneur and YouTuber Dan Lok’s YouTube channel.

Keagon soon developed passion for business as videos that are featured on Dan Lok’s channel are focused primarily on Financial independence, creating wealth, and Entrepreneurship in general. He also began studying the profiles of successful entrepreneurs like Bill Gates and Aliko Dangote. In February 2020, Keagon stated on his personal blog;

I find business so intriguing, you look for solutions to people’s problems, you help make the world a better place for everyone, all at the cost of just a profit. What fascinates me is that the more people you help, the more wealthy you are, I feel like everyone should help someone, business brings not only profits but also a sense of satisfaction towards human needs.

Keagon was actively involved in his father’s business during his last days of high school. According to Keagon, this was one of the factors that motivated him into studying business as a career. Keagon sold Drinks at a local store, operated by his father. He helped run errands and recorded Financial statements at times, providing him with knowledge on how an entrepreneur life is like and how a business is run.

As an Entrepreneur, Keagon hopes to create a system that’ll get more people employed so as to eliminate Unemployment, as it is one of the key challenges facing Liberia. In 2018, Keagon started his first business with $US50.00 when he opened “ForYou”, an online store for Promoting local Liberian products to Liberians overseas. In it’s first three months, ForYou grew from one member to twenty-five members, earning Keagon a whooping profit of $150,000.00 Liberian dollars. In it’s fourth month of operation, new laws were imposed on all International businesses operating over the internet regarding Rights and Taxes. ForYou didn’t fit the requirements of the terms and conditions listed in a key section regarding taxes and had to be shut down. The business was shut down on September 11, 2018 and has remained closed ever since.

Political ambition

Dispact his family none Social engagement in politics, Keagon has been cited on numerous occasions stating his interest in participating in local politics at some point in the future. Due to his political ambition he earned the nickname “senator” in high school by his peers.

In 2016, during a local Phone-in Radio program, Keagon admitted that politics was something that he could not avoid in coming years, that he had the plan of becoming a great leader sometime in the future. He again stated in 2018, during a Political debate, his interest in running for a government position after he establishes himself a lucrative business Career at some point in the future. Keagon is also known to be a great admirer of leaders with Autocratic styles.

During the Liberian general election of 2017, Keagon supported businessman and Chairman of the Cummings Africa Foundation, Alexander B. Cummings of the Alternative National Congress. He has also supported Liberian senator Prince Johnson, as well as former Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Keagon’s political role models include: Robert Mugabe, Muammar Gaddafi, Abraham Lincoln, and Charles Taylor. In 2020, The Future Tops website listed Keagon as possibly a future President of Liberia.

Personal life

A very private individual, Keagon is highly religious, he’s a baptised Catholic. In 2015, Keagon became a dedicated Christian after the death of his father. He later became a Non-alcoholic in 2017. He’s a lover of sports, a passionate soccer fan he supports Premier League team Arsenal. He spends his weekends watching soccer games and reading books. He’s an Introvert, he doesn’t socialize. Keagon is an avid reader, he regards himself as an intellectual. His favorite novels include: The Mist, Lord of the Flies, Blue Tears in Washington DC, The African Interior Mission, And Then There Were None, Macbeth, and The Long Walk.

Keagon is a huge fan of the Bbc. Since 2008, he has been a dedicated listener to BBC Radio. Although he lives outside the UK, he’s a regular listener to BBC Radio 5 Live and is occasionally tune in to BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra. He has also been mentioned on the BBC World Service on a couple of occasions. Keagon enjoys listening to loud music and claims Rihanna as his current favorite pop singer, with Michael Jackson being his all time favorite. He is a fan of Pop music, with the UK Singles Chart being his all time favorite pop chart.


Keagon is from the Mano ethnic tribe, from Nimba County, Northern Liberia. Although Keagon is Mano by tribe, he does not speak the language as he was born and grew up in a home where the Mano language was not always spoken.

His mother is from the Lorma ethnic tribe, which originates from Lofa County, Northern Liberia. Keagon doesn’t speak his mother’s native language, as it wasn’t spoken enough during his childhood either. During a traditional rally in 2017, Keagon was criticized for not being able to speak either of his parents native language.

Keagon has been described as a womanizer and an introvert. In 2015, he was reported to have been in multiple relationships at once, he denied it stating that he’s just a friendly guy with lots of female friends. He was again accused of dating multiple girls during his Freshman year at college. It was later confirmed that Keagon was dating only one of the parties involved, the others were merely friends. Keagon has won all Accusations of him being a Playboy.


2001-2018: Early beginnings

Keagon starting his drawings at the age of nine. His early works consisted mostly of famous people. Keagon’s parents encouraged and supported his work. His artistic skills later atrophied due to lack of use for a period of time. He wasn’t a fan of school during his early years but grew fund of it over time. In 2001, he moved to Paynesville, where he attended the St. Kizito Catholic High School up to 2009. While at the St. Kizito Catholic High School, Keagon was recognized as an artist by his arts teacher. He won the best young artist award of 2007.

Keagon paintings usually represent a historical event form the past or a current ongoing event. In 2011, he did a painting about the Syrian revolutionary protest that gradually led to the Syrian Civil War. Keagon has a collection of paintings that describe the beginning and the ending of the Second World War, which he did in 2017. During Liberia’s economic downturn of 2019, Keagon painted the The Problem No One Talks About, a painting that depicts injustice, corruption, and betrayal by the government.

Some of Keagon’s previous work include “There Is Someone Standing Behind You”, a painting that was completed in February 2015. It sends the message of misunderstanding and lack of communication from citizens of earth during World War II. It depicts soldiers in a deadly battle against an unseen energy.

2019-present: It Shines Towards Us

In May 2019, Keagon did a painting called “It Shines Towards Us”. It caught the eyes of many. It is a painting that featured a young African woman (who apears to be staring away from the camera) as she poses for a photo. The location of the painting is unknown as the background is covered in white.

The painting depicts the lack of Appreciation from Africans towards Africa as the young woman represents the African continent. The woman does not smile nor look at the camera as she thinks herself as unworthy of a stare by the viewer due to her insecurity of not being Attractive enough for the viewer’s satisfaction.

Looking in as the viewer, you can see that the woman is quit beautiful. Keagon’s objective of the painting is to show Africans how beautiful Africa is to the world. The painting was well received, with many regarding it as a Political piece of art due to it’s enchanting rhythm . In early January 2020, It Shines Towards Us won the best storytelling art work award of 2019 by the Local Arts Gallery Awards of District 5, Paynesville. The painting has won awards for best Storytelling, best design, and The People’s Choice at different local Exhibitions. Keagon has won over fifteen different awards since 2007.


The following are the most notable artworks created by Keagon. They have won the highest awards and have been categorized as either a historical or political symbol by critics in and out of Liberia;


In March 2019, Keagon created a personal Blog with Blogger (service) through curiosity, having had no experience of blogging. His blog consisted of inspirational quotes and sayings about Difficulty, Determination, Humanity and Life in general. It attracted 85 visitors within it’s first week, marking a successful start. After a month, his writings had inspired hundreds of thousands of people. What started as a Curiosity turned into an Addiction. There have been claims that Keagon’s blog was sending out the wrong message in post done during the end of 2019. Quotes that were posted in December 2019 were said to have been based mainly on the theme of Hatred, instead of Love and Inspiration as is Traditional on the blog.

Keagon currently writes for Medium (website), one of the world’s leading blogging website. Keagon’s blog on Medium consist mostly of inspirational quotes. His stories are aimed at comforting those facing Difficulty and Hardship, people who aims at being successful, and about life in general as Medium is a platform that attracts millions of readers monthly.

Quotes covered on Keagon’s blog are his personal favorites from well known Philosophers, Politicians, Scientists and Entrepreneurs. As a humanitarian, quotes that are featured on Keagon’s blog consist only on themes of love and determination. In October 2019, a fan wrote Keagon’s personal blog, stating that he was saved from committing Suicide due to quotes and sayings he had read on the blog, having been down with Depression and Anxiety for over a year. This led to a Controversy as Critics claimed that the sender of the note was probably just a fan who got bored or was paid by Keagon. There wasn’t any response.


Born to Mr & Mrs John Sei Keagon, Cornelius is named after a Commander in the Italian Regiment of the Roman Military. His siblings are both married. His brother was an Electrical engineering student at the Stella Maris Polytechnic University in Monrovia before traveling to the United States, where he later joined the United States Military. His sister is a Financial Analyst who earned a degree from the Cuttington University in 2010. She later got her masters from the University of Liberia. Keagon has other siblings form his father’s side, as his father had other children before meeting and marrying his mother.

Keagon’s late father worked for the The Liberian Bank for Development & Investment for seventeen years, until his retirement in 2012. In December 2014, his father was appointed as Deputy Internal auditor in the Audit Department at the Temple of Justice, Republic of Liberia. His mother is also a banker who currently works as Bank examiner at the Central Bank of Liberia. She has been with the bank for twenty years as of April 2020. In January 2020, Keagon’s favorite cousin died at the age of 24, after suffering from Hepatitis B for over three years. He was known as Johannes Bruce.



Keagon has strongly advocated against Civil war, Injustice, and Discrimination. He believes that technology would have been far advanced than what it is today if World War I and World War II had not occurred. He believes that there would have been the introduction of Smartphones, modern televisions, and modern computers as far back as the 1980s, if those global wars were avoided.

Arts & Positivity

In mid 2019, Keagon decided to establish a Not-for-profit arts organization for the purpose of Humanitarianism. The objective of the planned organization was to help the poorest in society with monthly Basic needs through arts and creativity. Keagon founded Arts & Positivity on July 5, 2019, a day before his 23rd Birthday. He initially planned the organization as a project of Nimba County only, but later changed the service to national duty. He established the organization with fifteen members, all being local artist, including James Kollie, who’s currently serving as Vice President.

In early August 2019, Arts & Positivity began distributing supplies of food items and clothes to slumps, Orphanages and street vendors around Monrovia. The work was mostly done at night, due to Keagon’s Robin Hood policy. By Christmas, the organization had completed their First quarter objective by providing supplies to over ten orphanages and slumps in Montserrado County leading to an increase in membership. The Inaugural number of members in July 2019 were fifteen, as of 2020, the number of members have risen to over one hundred individuals who work as Volunteers, as the organization was founded and is based upon a not for profit agenda.

Arts & Positivity also includes Philanthropists who are actively involved in providing basic needs and support both financially and through gifts. They also carry-on Financial education. They also host Exhibitions occasionally to promote individuals who Paintings have not been recognized, or new artists who talents were discovered by the Community, or School.

Notable work

The Problem No One Talks About is a Political and Historical work that was created on August 15, 2019 by Cornelius Keagon. It sends a message of Betrayal and Injustice by the Government.


The painting depicts a red solid wall that is almost entirely covered by white Clay, a door that remains shut, and flowers growing near the facility. It place the Liberian people as sole Protagonists, instead of Observers. As Liberia struggled with a harsh economy crisis of 2019 under the George Weah led government, the painting sends a message of betrayal and injustice by the government. The red wall and clay represents resources that are being covered up by the government. The title of the painting represents the majority of Liberians who live in poverty. The painting is hugely recognize as a historical work of art as it is similar to a painting done during the African-American Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.