1004 Postal / Zip Code – Lagos City

1004 is a location within the city of Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria. It contains several districts that make use of varying postal or zip code.

Here are the postcodes for 1004:

Location  Postcode
Transit Village 1 20 St.101243
Transit village 21 40 St.101243
Transit Village 41 60 St.101243
Transit village 61 80 St.101243
Transit village 80 100 St.101243
Crest A 1 80 St.101243
Crest B St.101243
Crest C St.101243
Crest D St.101243
Crest E St.101243
Crest F St.101243
Ajose Adeogun Street St.101243
Muri Okunola Street St.101243
Etim Iyang Crescent St.101243
Prince Kayode Odedina Street St.101243
FABAC Close St.101243
Lasode Crescent St.101243
Samuel Adedoyin St.101243