Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho believes Harry Kane “wouldn’t be so special playing for another team”.

Kane scored his second consecutive brace in Sunday’s 3-0 triumph over Leicester City.

Asked about the England captain’s future, Mourinho said he might not be appreciated as much at another club.

“I think everyone thinks he’s a fantastic player and Tottenham is so lucky to have him because he’s the player, the person and the Tottenham boy,” Mourinho said.

“All this together makes him really a special player for us that probably wouldn’t be so special playing for another team. He’s really special for us, he’s really special for Tottenham.

“Of course we want him to be happy and for him to be happy he wants victories, score goals, and I’m so happy after an incredibly difficult injury he’s coming in the direction where he’s going to end the season perfect.

“Hopefully the beginning of next season he will be even better.”