Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy has taken aim at critical fans.

Levy’s pragmatic approach in the transfer market, particularly in comparison to some of the club’s top-six rivals, polarises fans and he is often accused of putting the business side of the club ahead of success on the pitch.

“I get these emails from fans and I do read them all,” Levy said. “When you’re at a certain level the market for better quality it’s like a pyramid. There are fewer players that are better. We all have our dream teams but often that’s not reality.

“We have a budget and putting aside the money there may be a player we all like but unless you’ve got a club that wants to sell or are willing to sell, you’ve got the agent who wants to do business and a player who wants to come here. There’s a lot of things that have to come together.

“I think fans generally have no comprehension of how hard it is to physically do a transfer.”

He added: “I get very frustrated if we get to the end of a transfer window and the team is not in a better place than when we started.”