Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has explained how Manchester United assess potential signings.

The Norwegian says he and his staff take a holistic approach when weighing up new arrivals.

Speaking to the High Performance podcast, Solskjaer said: “You’ve got the chief scouts and the analysis that breaks it down to the minute detail.

“But you speak to teammates that maybe played with him for the international team. So obviously Cristiano was an easy goal for me that I managed to get through Patrice [Evra], I managed to get hold of Cristiano and his recommendation obviously stands him in good stead.

“I think for English internationals, for example, you speak to Marcus [Rashford].

“What do you think of such and such team-mate of yours? Do you think he’ll fit? Harry Maguire, for example, you follow his Instagram account, Twitter, you see what kind of personalities they are. Mick Phelan had him at Hull. And we know more or less everything we need to know about a personality.

“You can’t do that every time, sometimes you have to take a hunch. You look at the human qualities as well.”