‘Robo Cop’ Rabiu Afolabi mourns ‘role model’ mother

Former Super Eagles defender Rabiu Afolabi has paid glowing tribute to his mother, Alhaja Kosenat Afolabi, who died Sunday.

The two-time World Cup star lost his mother after a brief illness at age 85.

 ‘Robo Cop’, who is currently Logistics Manager at Royal Antwerp FC Belgium and currently studying for his UEFA coaching licence, said he was devastated by the demise of his mother, but he is also comforted by the Islamic teaching that God giveth and He also taketh.

“My mother played a very significant role in my life. She was a great role model who impacted in her children the virtue of humility and fear of God. She was very accommodating and a cheerful giver. I really learnt a lot from her,”,he said.

Madam Afolabi was interred on Monday at the family compound in Inisa, Odo Otin Local Government, Osun State, according to Islamic rites.