West Ham United boss David Moyes was delighted for Michail Antonio after his four goals in victory at Norwich City.

Moyes says Antonio is now proving himself a senior leader inside the dressing room.

“That was a really good performance,” Moyes smiled. “We scored four, and really, if we’d have scored seven or eight, I’d probably have been thinking that was about right.

“The clean sheet was all-important as well, because keeping them to none always gives you a chance. Even when it’s 2-0, you don’t want them to get a goal; even when it’s 3-0, you don’t want them to get a goal, so I have to praise them for that, but ultimately we made a lot of opportunities today and probably should have scored more.

“There aren’t many players in the Premier League who get to score four goals. I have to say he [Antonio] probably had one of his best days in training yesterday. I can smile about it, but it’s a big thing about training well, being good at what you do, and you hope you take it into the games and it leads you into good performances.

“It’s a message for all the West Ham players: let’s keep training well, let’s keep the standards high, and let’s keep trying to get positive results.”

Moyes also praised Antonio’s growing individual role in this West Ham team, after the No30 doubled his season tally in an afternoon, impressing throughout with his clever running and hard-grafting link-up play.

“He’s actually improved even from when he’s started [playing as the lone striker], because we were always looking to get him in behind,” Moyes explained, “but now we’re able to get him a bit more into feet, set things up and play off him.

“Because of his pace and his threat and his power, nobody really wants to play against him, so he’s become a good threat for us.”