Barcelona ace Luis Suarez insists they’re capable of winning the Champions League.

Barca must firstly overcome Napoli in the second-leg of their round of 16 tie.

But Suarez told Sport: “We have to be at the level of prestige this club demands. The last chance to win something will be the Champions League. First, we have to get through the last 16 against a tough-rival who are in good form since the lockdown. To think about Lisbon, first we have to beat Napoli.

“We have the capacity to be at the level this club demands if we’re 100 percent. If something doesn’t go well, if we suffer a handicap, maybe we won’t make it, but that’s football. For example, against Villarreal we saw a good team.

We had players missing but we were at the level required. We dropped a little in the following games. But Villarreal was important because it showed us this team if this team is in form it can produce performances in the Champions League. If we’re at the level of the club, we can manage it. But we have to be at our best.”