Liverpool throw-in coach Thomas Gronnemark has slammed Arsene Wenger’s plans to mess with the game’s laws.

FIFA’s lawmaker Wenger – the former Arsenal manager, announced he wanted to reform some of football’s laws.

The changes included making the offside rule different and allowing out-swinging corners to exit the field of play as the ball is crossed into the penalty area, offering new ways to score goals.

Gronnemark told the Liverpool Echo: “I heard that Arsene wants to have kick-ins instead of throw-ins and that is a really, really big mistake.

“Some people might think I say it because if there are no throw-ins, I have no job, but that is not the case. Time has shown that I have been having many different job and finding a way to make innovation. The challenge is that if we are having kick-ins, we are losing a lot of pressure situations on the throw-ins. And the second thing is that if you don’t have pressure, you don’t have any innovative space creation.

“So I am having a lot of inspiration from basketball. Imagine if there was no pressure there – it would just be boring. If you are having a kick-in, there have been some trials early on and the ball goes in a lot of long kicks.

“But also, you have less pressure because then you have the nine-metre rule and the kick-ins become like futsal – totally boring!”