Liverpool legend John Aldridge says fans shouldn’t be concerned if Mohamed Salah pushes to leave.

He wrote for the Sunday World: “Obviously, I hope Salah stays, but if he is still agitating for something new this time next year, then the club might start to look at what happens next.He will be 29 by then and if the Covid-19 vaccines have got us out of the mess we are in at this moment, maybe Liverpool would look at a mega-money offer for Salah.

“We know how efficient the club’s recruitment department has been in recent years – as we saw when Philippe Coutinho was sold for £142million to Barcelona. It worked in the team’s favour as it funded the deals for Virgil van Dijk and then Alisson Becker.

“Any player would relish the chance to play for this brilliant team and work under Klopp and if I was in Salah’s shoes, I’d want to stay at Liverpool until I was carried out of the club.

“Yet foreign players don’t have the same kind of affinity that someone like myself would have for Liverpool and Salah might feel the grass will be greener or maybe the money will be bigger elsewhere.

“Liverpool fans won’t worry about Salah or his friend making these public comments so long as he continues to deliver on the field and there is no sign that he won’t do that at this moment.

“So for me, this is a story that can be put on the back burner for the next few months and may be revised in the summer of 2022 when, hopefully, we are all in a much better place.”