Liverpool development coach Vitor Matos says manager Jurgen Klopp is brilliant with the club’s young players.

Matos opened up on a session Klopp held out in Austria while on the pre-season training camp with 17-year-old Billy Koumetio.

“It’s part of the process,” Matos said when asked by the club’s official website how good Klopp was at dealing with and supporting the young players among the Reds’ ranks.

“That’s why it’s so important we have this common language and this common process between the first team, the second team and the Academy.

“Because in this way, the young talent when he comes here and does a training session they already understand a lot of concepts and principles.

“So when he hears feedback he can already make the link with the way it should be. So this connection is really, really important.

“For example, that situation with Billy is really good for him to hear from the manager such important feedback and how to understand and how to make their role on the defence line.

“As a young player, having this feedback and coaching from the manager is absolutely priceless.

“Time and patience are really important when we are talking about development. At the same time, there is no-one better to do it than the manager. So it’s really important to have these timings.

“There’s no recipe and no guideline to do it, it’s about the feeling and it’s about the moment and it’s about what is behind the work around these players. Young talent players don’t need criticism, they just need guidance.”