Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp admits their 2-2 draw at Everton is “hard to take”.

Sadio Mane had given Klopp’s side the lead with just three minutes on the clock before Michael Keane made it 1-1 midway through the first half.

Mohamed Salah scored his 100th goal for the Reds in the 72nd minute, though Dominic Calvert-Lewin’s towering header restored parity not long after.

Everton were reduced to 10 men as a result of Richarlison’s heavy challenge on Thiago Alcantara just minutes prior to Henderson’s goal being chalked off.

Klopp stated later: “It’s getting harder and harder to take it, to be honest, because I went in the dressing room after the game, I liked the game, really good game from my boys. It was the best away derby we played since I am at Liverpool – top football, conceded goals because of the specific strength of Everton. The set-piece was unlucky when they scored, so Virg is not on the pitch and we have to sort that. We sorted it in the game, the only problem was that was, I think, the first corner after he left the pitch, so there was this little moment of disorganisation. They used it – that’s [the] quality of Everton.

“The second goal, we avoided pretty much all situations like this over the 90 minutes but one time we let Digne cross. I heard already when the ball was in the air from the Everton bench, ‘That’s it’ because they know he is really strong in these situations and he scores that goal. Good goal. Our goals were brilliant.

“Then I leave the pitch and Thiago tells me that in the red-card situation with Richarlison he thinks he got injured. We will see if it’s true or not. If a player felt like this, we need to have a look. Then I come in the dressing room and people stand there with a laptop and other people stand around the laptop and I asked what’s on. They say, ‘We watched the situation back and we don’t understand why they whistled offside.’ Look, I’m a real supporter of VAR but you would expect that, especially with offside, you then do the right decision. We scored a goal one time at Aston Villa and they said the armpit was offside – sounds funny, we got it.

“This time, the picture I saw now once on the laptop, there is no armpit, there is nothing, we are just not offside. Since then I had 10 interviews around about and everybody tells me it was not offside and that doesn’t lift my mood obviously. You all watched it obviously more often. That’s tricky. We lost a player in a situation where VAR was not involved with Virgil and then maybe another one in the red-card situation and scored a legitimate goal – whatever the word is – which didn’t count. So, obviously not our day but the performance was the performance I wanted to see.”