Drogba Enters Côte D’Ivoire football presidency Race, Mobbed By Fans

Chelsea legend and former Ivory Coast captain, Didier Drogba, was mobbed by thousands of fans as he submitted his candidacy to become president of Ivory Coast football.

Drogba will compete with four other aspirants for the position after launching his bid in the country’s economic capital, Abidjan.

The election for the country’s football federation is scheduled for September 5th, as the former striker believes his achievements throughout his career will help him get elected.

Despite the fact that many came to have a glimpse of the idol, the two-time African Footballer of the Year is still not sure of winning the election.

He needs to be nominated from three of the 14 Ligue 1 clubs and two from the lower divisions, also, and must be endorsed by any of five special interest groups of coaches, doctors, current and former players, and referees.

His candidacy has since suffered a big blow after the Ivory Coast Footballers Association controversially did not support him.

Drogba said: “Football is everyone’s sport, football brings people together, football unites.

“We can see it today with all these people gathered in front of the headquarters of the Ivorian football federation.

“It’s no secret that our football is going badly, and that is why with my team we are committed to contributing to the rebirth of Ivorian football.

“If my goal was not driven by a deep desire to give back to Ivorian football all that it has given me, to contribute to the development of football in my country, and if God was not in this candidacy, it would be difficult to be in front of you today.”