Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta admits they can’t afford mistakes in this summer’s market.

It remains to be seen how much Arsenal will have to spend on new recruits this summer following the impact of the coronavirus shutdown on their finances, but the Spaniard believes those higher up are taking the correct approach to a critical spell at Emirates Stadium.

“I am very confident with the way that the owners and the board are approaching this crucial time for us, because we know that we don’t have any margin for error, that everything has to be so planned and with a great process to put the team onto the next level very quickly,” Arteta said.

“Once we know a little bit more, and when we have more information about where we are, it will be easier to make those decisions.

“Analyse why things happen, and the things that are not working have to get changed.

“If not, we are going to get back to the same spot in six months, in a year, in two years.

“We have to be so determined and clear in our process in order to do that [in the] best possible way.

“And then this beautiful game is the most unpredictable one in the world. You can do everything right and everything wrong, and it can still work in both directions.

“But from our side, we have the responsibility to do it well and at least as well as we all know.”