Appiah pleads with Yeboah to help Ghanaian football

Former Ghana national team captain Stephen Appiah has pleaded with Black Stars legend Tony Yeboah to take up a role in administration and help improve football in the West African country.

Appiah has stepped away from Ghanaian football since selling his club, Yegoala FC (named after his nickname during his playing days) in 2014.

“It’s sad that he is no longer interested in football. When I was made Black Stars captain [in 2002], he was the second person I called,” Appiah told Asempa FM.

“I want to thank him for everything he has done for football but he shouldn’t get out of the game.

“I’m begging him not to follow the criticism but offer his support to the sport.”

Yeboah explained that he stepped away from football to keep his name clear of politics and corruption in the game.

“I stopped involving myself in Ghana football because I was not ready to ruin my hard-earned reputation,” Yeboah is quoted by Okay FM.

“We need to protect the game because most of these players, it’s all they have.

“I live a peaceful life since I withdrew from doing football in Ghana and it was a good decision I took.

“If I didn’t stop doing football in Ghana, I would have been forced to be corrupt because almost all the clubs were paying bribes to referees and so nobody was ready to listen to my cry.

“The reason why I stopped doing football in Ghana was that the officiating officials were maltreating my team because I was not ready to pay the bribe.”